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Moody Blues

"Here we go again"
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Published 6 years ago
Oh great, here comes the mood, 
You never know how you'll be.
Sometimes I cry because your rude,
You must know this and agree.

Please get rid of this stress,
And stop talking about it.
It's just an absolute mess,
It bugs me; I hate to admit.

You say you'll take care of this,
But another month goes by.
This is not happy bliss,
All this shit makes me cry.

There are things that need to be done,
I wish you'd get it together.
All this stress makes it no fun,
I really hope things gets better.

Lack of communication,
Makes me feel hurt.
I'm feeling total frustration,
You really act very curt.

I wonder when this mood will lift,
I sit here upset and pissed.
I don't get your drift,
Another wrong added to the list.

You said, "you'd get on something,"
So these moods would go away.
I feel like I'm hanging on a string,
You're not meeting me halfway.

I'll just smile as I'm your wife,
This is just my personal pain.
Another twist and turn in our life,
I'll listen to what you explain.

I'll get through this I always do,
I just am not happy like this.
It's hard to tell you "I Love You,"
This won't get fixed with a kiss.

It's dark and raining here,
A new year; a new start.
Hoping your mood disappears,
Life is chaotic and falling apart.

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