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Mountain of dreams

"For d.c., whose wisdom and strength and caring I cannot do without."
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Published 8 years ago
Lost and alone

Held prisoner by the fears in my own mind

No escape could I find

I wandered searching for answers but none could be found

I was about to shut down

Then salvation came to me in a rich melody

I stood and looked at a mountain that seemed so high, a sheer face of hard stone came to my mind

Undaunted, I knew I had to be strong, for this journey would be long,

The catcher of my dreams was a unmovable mountain that would be tough to climb.

Each day I looked for a crack in the wall,

Some place to grab a toe hold, a niche or a ledge to get a leg up

Each day he would throw me a rope

Such beautiful music I heard coming from that mountain of dreams, I could see the notes dance in the air

They drew me like a flame in the dark, like honey to a bee.

I would grab that rope for it made me feel safe

Each step placed as if I was walking on glass, each handhold a hard-won battle

I would slip and fall, but the rope he never withdrew

He was rugged and strong and kept me from harm for his rhythm never wavered

When I got tired and my dreams got heavy, he would reach me with a song, to help pull me along

I knew when I reached the summit he would collect all my bad dreams and my fears would disappear, my view would be breathtakingly clear, all I had to do was struggle to the top.

The endeavor cost me dear, the climb was grueling and rough, but the peace I sought he gave me in a song, for this unmovable mountain had a heart.

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