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My Intuition Speaks to Me

"From my new collection Geography of the Mind--Poems of Exploration"

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Listen to me when I speak to you,

tells you what you need to hear,

whispers in your ear when others tell you what to do

and you’re uncertain, on the fence, bewildered.


Close your eyes and listen to me with your heart;

trust me more than you trust yourself;

know I’m your dearest friend, dearer than your wife,

now ex, although she listened to hers more than you do,

I’ll know you’re listening if you say, ah ha

that’s a clue you’re being smart and heard me

urging you to be quiet, not budge, not swing

for the fences yet, wait for the pitch you want

and you won’t strike out. Don’t shake your head,

don’t argue, don’t bite your tongue,

don’t be silly and ignore me, you’ll be sorry if you do.


I’m like your shadow but deep inside

and I go with you, sometimes behind,

sometimes in front, depending on the light,

and even in the dark I’m here with you

hiding just out of sight.


Listen, I know you’re smart and can face dilemmas,

figure out solutions, learned not to procrastinate, worry,

have expectations, make assumptions,

although it was me who taught you that--

it’s okay if you forgot, at least you know

what I told you--live and learn, but learn.


Don’t tell me to go to hell when I frighten you

with the words, “you should.” I know you hate

those words, but buddy, you know there are times

you know I’m right, and I can feel your resistance,

your hate for confrontation by the knot in your stomach,

your anxiety, the way you smack your lips, that sigh,

that way you close your eyes to shut me out,

but mister, I’m persistent--that’s my mission.


I know I can’t control what you do and I’ll shrug,

sigh and watch you blunder, muddle through,

glad when luck is on your side, but know,

my friend, fate is fickle and doesn’t have your back

like I do, doesn’t feel triumphant, ecstatic,

higher than the moon when you listen.


Written by Sisyphus
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