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My Mind

"From my new collection Geography of the Mind--Poems of Exploration"

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Sometimes I’m in a jungle

tripping over vines,

shoving my way through bushes,

looking for a path,

wondering if there is one

and asking with every breath

where am I?


Other times my mind is an eagle

high above the trees and mountains,

soaring over lakes,

my heart filled with sky,

my eyes searching for the nourishment

I need, wanting to dive deep

into the pools inside.


So many times I wonder if this body I wear,

this mask that is my face,

these eyes, a window letting in the light,

my breath a miracle that lets me say these words

that come from who knows where,

these words that rise into my mind

and lets me know I’m here, alive

living with astonishment.


Where is my mind and imagination?

Is it in my brain or in my heart,

or swimming through my veins,

speeding through my nerves, my cells

and molecules and when I see the rising sun,

know its heat, gaze at the moon, the stars

that come to me through the portal of my eyes,

I feel my mind is with the stars,

transcending the world I know,

my words coming from the dark

and endless universe out there,

mysteriously, mystically, and when I remember

I think therefore I am,

I  want to hear my mind resist and say

No, I think therefore I care.



Written by Sisyphus
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