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Paradise Was Almost Always Lost

I wrote this for my English Literature Final for Milton's Paradise Lost

There once was a place of unimaginable beauty

Where the trees blossomed all the time

And the sun shined and the weather was calm

And there was never any rain or thunder

And they were all made from a God:

A deity in which no one could ever see

And this God saw that this beautiful land

Was empty, and was barren, and so he created a man.

And he named him “Adam”, for all of mankind.

And he gave him animals to talk to,

And delicious fruit to eat

And everything seemed to be okay, and good.

But then this God realized this man was alone

And this loneliness was the first thing God said was not good

Because even a God of terrible power realized

That no one should ever be alone.

No one should have to walk around

And have no one to talk to

Or hold

Or love

Or kiss

Or tell your problems to

Or cuddle with

Or cry with

Or fall asleep next to

And so he took this man, Adam’s, rib,

And he formed it into the shape of a woman.

A beautiful woman whose eyes shined like the sun

And whose hair fell gracefully onto her shoulder

And was smooth as porcelain

And her smile lit up the darkness like the moon

And this man was happy.

And this girl, who was named “Eve”, was happy.

And they walked, and talked, and made love together

And their innocence kept them happy and content

And they obeyed this God and didn’t eat off the one tree he told them not to

This forbidden tree, the first law, the first rule

Meant to be broken

And so, as it always is, nothing good can last

And Eve desired freedom from Adam for a day,

And so she left him and came across a serpent

The slyest of all of Gods creatures

Sliding across paradise

With all intentions of seeing it crumble

And this serpent told her it would be okay to eat this forbidden fruit

And she did, and all was lost

All the innocence was gone.

Like the innocence you had as a little kid

When nothing ever seemed to keep you down

And you’d wake up excited for the day

And you embraced the sun with a smile

And you always trusted the adults in your life

And when people died you didn’t grasp the sadness of it

And you were happy and content with sledding down a hill all day

And you never worried about paying bills

Or getting a job

When you never worried at all, about anything.

And then the time comes when you grow up,

And you realize all the murder and violence that’s in the world

And all the wars where young kids die for unjust causes

And lovers fight and argue and divorce

And family members and the people you care about

Are diagnosed with a sickness that has no cure

And you watch them wither away in a hospital and realize that

You must tell yourself everyday when you wake up

That everything will be okay,

There was nothing like being a kid.

Adam and Eve were kids all the time in a way

And because of deceit it was lost.

And Adam had to work and was exiled from this “Paradise”

And Eve had to embrace the horrible pain of child birth,

Along with every woman who would come after her

The daily routines that depress society even to this day

And so from then on things got worse

And people were smothered by Tidal waves

And tent poles were driven into people’s heads

And wars began and cities crumbled

And humans became a violent race with each and every

Murder, lie, and rape they committed

And these two beautiful people,

Who were never sad or angry about anything;

Lost all of their happiness because of curiosity

And God, after many years,

Slowly and gradually disappeared

Because after a while he got tired of saving these humans

who were so violent

And so we all pray at night to a God who

May not even be here any more.

Who may have left to create another world

In which, this time, would be absolutely perfect.

Or maybe he didn’t at all.

Maybe God died of sadness

Maybe god disappeared because he could no longer

Understand why these things he created turned out to be so horrible

Or maybe he ran away because he was angry at himself for allowing all of this to happen.

Yet, even in the darkest of times,

There is always hope for a better day.

We have the free will which God gave to us

To make good choices

And to be kind and trustworthy to the people you meet

And to hug your parents when you leave them

And to find a beautiful girl who you take out to dinner every night

And you do stupid things with like go miniature golfing or bowling

There is, and will always be love.

Because even after all of this happened with Eve,

Adam said that he would eat the fruit too,

Because he would rather die than be without her

And that love still exists,

In everyone.

And the hope for a day when people use this love

And show it is the day when everything will be okay again

And it will be like that paradise that was lost

That place where no one ever lied or cheated

And no one ever killed or murdered,

And people didn’t even know what the hell death was

And they were innocent, and happy.

This love still exists

And its gods greatest gift,

So it’s up to all of us to use it.

Everything doesn’t always have to be so terrible and sad

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