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Witness Well

We are Adam or Eve reborn in every generation ...

 "Witness Well" (c) Mike Stone Raanana, February 3, 2019   Nothing in nature is hidden from us; It has no secrets. It is we who close our eyes Or look away And think it magic or unknowable, Unwilling to give up the comfort of our ignorance. When we walk i...


One week in all-inclusive hotel, another detained at a psychiatric ward.

Irie : by Jon ClaytonMy memoir is about a two-week solo vacation I had in Jamaica where I spent one week at an upscale all-inclusive resort and the other detained at a 3rd-world condition psychiatric ward against my will. During the two weeks, I lived in...

Paradise Was Almost Always Lost

I wrote this for my English Literature Final for Milton's Paradise Lost

There once was a place of unimaginable beauty Where the trees blossomed all the time And the sun shined and the weather was calm And there was never any rain or thunder And they were all made from a God: A deity in which no one could ever see And this God...