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Prayer for Jane Doe

"This poem dissects the complexity of spousal abuse from the POV of a third party friend"

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Prayer for Jane Doe

Copyright ©2005 Don

(This piece is especially dedicated to all women (Jane Doe)

involved in abusive relationships, but feel helpless or unable

to quit…..No one can put a stop to it but you.)


At this solemn moment

My soul endures emotional torment

Images flashing, one and then another

Oh how I love you, but you love another

I remember that cold rainy night

When I found you, cast out from a bloody fight

Your bruised face, split lip tell the tale

Shuffling along, tired, wet, dignity at the bottom of the scale

Back at my place, food in your belly, coffee in hand

You refuse to say, how it all came about

Washed, and dressed in my shirt, your beauty leaps out

Whao! I thought, as I tried to understand

Why any man in his sane mind would hurt you

Yet you lie for him, and protect him

Though he pummels you until your lights dim

I see other bruises, obviously this ordeal isn’t new

We became friends, soul mates, lovers too

Our lovemaking pure heavenly bliss

Magic in our every kiss

You said you love me, I believe you do

You know I’ll protect you

No hands that have touched and caressed you

Shall be raised against you ever again

For all eternity true to this vow I shall remain

Unlike the other, never will I neglect, or abuse you

I awake one morning and you’re gone

Your note says it all, to the woman beater you return

It was all your “fault”, yet he apologized

The error of his “temper” he has realized

This, for the fifth time in a couple of years

Downcast, my knees buckle, under the weight of my fears

Right here on my knees I’m curious

How long before he gets so furious

At something you say or do

And beats you till you’re black n blue

May the Lord open your heart, your eyes, and help you see

You don’t need him to be whatever you want to be

Help you hear beyond the shout and scream

Help you realise your self esteem

Written by donabdul
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