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Fly Free

Love is like a beautiful butterfly, let it fly free. If it's yours it'll come back to you.

Fly Free Copyright Don Abdul ©2011 ~o~ Eyes cast on the distant horizon Watching the setting of the sun Bottle of vintage left uncorked Two glasses left unfilled I savor the beauty of the day at an end With a sour taste in the mouth of my mind I grieve no...


We worry too damn much. We have just one life to live, let your hair down and live it.

Live  Don Abdul ©2005 ~~x~~ Life may be unfair Harsher in its judgement every passing year Loss of youth a great concern To those who hoarded that priceless gem Regret is for them You live but once So enjoy life, have fun by the tonnes For when the night...

Prayer for Jane Doe

This poem dissects the complexity of spousal abuse from the POV of a third party friend

Prayer for Jane Doe Copyright ©2005 Don (This piece is especially dedicated to all women (Jane Doe) involved in abusive relationships, but feel helpless or unable to quit…..No one can put a stop to it but you.) ~~~0~~~ At this solemn moment My soul endure...