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Domestic violence Stories

domestic violence

Her Story

This should never have happened, lets stop domestic violence

It was late 2008 and after an argument with her partner over typical relationship issues, in this case finances. She was taken up to the local emergency department by an ambulance, as she had two cuts on her head, blood running down her face and bruises o...

I am the stranger in my house This wretched run-down shack This hovel with pests and peeling paint and dirt floors from front to backShards of glass from long broken windows Litter the furniture and floors But I never bother to sweep them up Cause it’s no...

No More Words

A woman gains the courage to leave a toxic environment.

They had nothing to say to each other. After all of the backstabbing, infidelity, name calling, and beatings, she'd had enough of his shit. She looked in the mirror at her busted bottom lip, chipped front teeth, black eye, and the splint on her nose. She...

Nymia- Female Crap

Inspired by the original music video for Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll...

They lay there, comfortable together- he was in a good mood, chatting about football and his truck. Missy (Nymia) nods in all the right places and smiles at him, and kisses him when he leans in for one, but for whatever reason tonight, when he wants more,...

Never Forget

Here, it is edited. Is it still a micro fic? Or something else?

He beat her, He cursed her, He made her submit, and now...She won't ever forget his face. The face of a monster as he raises his fist to pound me into the dirt. The face of twisted love and sadistic hatred. The face from my past, the face from my nightmar...

Why? - Part 2

How easily she made it right.

"Sweetheart." It was different this time, this was new. These were promises to be kept. He got into bed beside her, smelling of sweat and alcohol and the perfumes of other women. He stroked away her bruises and tears, and Grace felt flames erupt over her...


How easily it all went wrong.

"Whore!" The words spilled from his mouth and stabbed her heart like knives. "Filthy slut!" The first blow sent her stumbling backwards, but she kept her balance. "Pete, love -" His fist smashed into her stomach - she folded and crumpled onto the floor, s...

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Prayer for Jane Doe

This poem dissects the complexity of spousal abuse from the POV of a third party friend

Prayer for Jane Doe Copyright ©2005 Don (This piece is especially dedicated to all women (Jane Doe) involved in abusive relationships, but feel helpless or unable to quit…..No one can put a stop to it but you.) ~~~0~~~ At this solemn moment My soul endure...