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Rode Hard Put Away Wet

Rode Hard Put Away Wet

Who the hell's that old guy lookin` at.

Jumpin' out of the shower,
lookin' in the mirror I sees
whiskers not dark brown,
wild hairs grow'n ears, brows n' nose.
Skin not so tight neither,
face withered up like a punkin
that's seen to much sun and cold.
Chest's not up where it ott to be,
come to think, neither is his belly.
Abs are not like a wash board,
what the hell happened to his ass?
Needin' spendr's fer holdn up his jeans.
Hey! there ain't nobody here but me.
Then I realise, my god that...can't be.
Guns ain't rock hard neither,
fact is they sags a bit.
Other parts is wrinkled n worn too,
but I best keep that to myself.
Legs don't look like they could carry
like they once could.
Good thing my minds still like a steel trap,
I remember when I was 18, real good.
Then my body reminds me that I ain't.
Under where my hat sits still gots' all my hair
yup my curls changed color too,
if I said salt n pepper I'd be lien.
Wife calls hers arctic blond, but to
tell the truth mine's just plain old grey.
Can't find the words on the paper no more
needs specs so's I can read.
Get up and go done got up and went
a long time ago.
Can't mount and ride my trusty mare
like I once could.
A Toby Keith song rings in my head.
I'm not as good as I once was but
I'm as good once as I ever was
Fer dang sure this old cowboy's mind
is thinkin so.
Least wise I can still have a good chuckle,
when I looks in the mirror and I ask myself,
"Who the hell's that old guy lookin at?"
Then reality hits, I laugh and thinks aloud.
Fer 18, cowboy, yer lookin purty dam'd old.
Hell yer like an old steer out with the heifers,
all yer good fer anymore, is eatin' grass.

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