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Twice this week he’s asked me to marry him, twice I had to turn him down. Now he’s asking again, I’m running out of excuses. I mean, I love him to bits, I really do. He’s kind, very good-looking and always brings a smile to my face. I’ve tried to pu...

Tams 1 year ago


A home’s spirit lives evermore.

Worn paint flakes off her aged walls. Countless stories that soaked themselves into the sheetrock now float untethered with the dust. Her spirit stands proud, but her frame lumps under gravity. Heavy. Slowly dying in the unrelenting wi...

Anonymous 1 year ago

I'd been sent by my editor to interview a local poet on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday. The poet was a well-known face around town, but was now in a retirement home. "Be sensitive," my editor had said, "if he’s not all there." It turned o...

Survivor 3 years ago

Youth Should Never Fade

Even though you may grow old still may you stay forever young

They signed up for dancing class at an arts center. Once a week. They volunteered for the tech crews at a theater. When time allowed.  They wrote poetry to read at open mic nights. Every so often. They hiked the pathways of the earth. In life'...

Welshdreamer42 3 years ago

Old Dog, New Tricks

It's not easy, you know

  “Ever seen anything like it?” “No. It’s not like mine.” “So you don’t know how to switch it on?” “Not a clue.” “Oh.” George peered at the object in his palm. “No manual,” he shrugged, “just some bits I don’t need.” “They don’t make...

CKAcres 3 years ago

Young Dog Old Dog

Just an old dog.

As a young man, oh yes I remember. I was so full of vigor. I was fit tall and slender. Life before me seemed so much bigger.   As an old man, I sometimes live inside my past. I look back on that I dreamed. Time has slipped by far t...

Survivor 3 years ago

Before There Was We

There was you

Before there was we there was youAnd when you were young all was new.Do you think about that. I still do.Before there was we there was you.***Before there was we there was meAnd when I was young I was free....

The old man sat on the steps With his head in his hands So much in thought as he sat His eyes in a far away time When the old woman Came to her man His eyes lit up like the sun He held out his hand...

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Like marks wiped from a chalkboard, particles spiraling apart, braiding back together unnaturally, I once had command over them, autonomy unquestioned for years. You were possessions, all with a set purpose. Some to mak...

She sits and waits She does not know for what She dreams of yesterday Of love and laughter And a life full of smiles You can see it in her eyes The mist of tears shinning true When you call out to h...

fallingdove 6 years ago

Two Stoners and a Dying Dog

an attempt to turn a story I heard into a sonnet

Two friends were smoking, enjoying the hour: An old dog wheezed, even creaked, at their feet “Soon so soon, the dog-god she’ll go to meet, Pain she’s in makes her shake and cower, When she goes I’ll plant her in the bower.” "Like...

Circle_Something 7 years ago

A Rambling, Roaming, Musing thing

1) Open an AbiWord document and start typing. 2) Submit the results 3) ???? 4) Profit.

Sometimes I wonder what age people think I am. I mean, I know I don’t act like I’m 29, but I am, sadly. I’m 29 and still get asked for ID. Even for fag papers. Okay, so I don’t buy them any more because I’ve given up smoking, but over the past year, I hav...

Amber 7 years ago


Originally written as an exercise for people watching week at a writer's group.

Earl Powell pushed a shopping cart filled with two huge bags of dog food up to the counter. He also had three pouches of bacon-flavored treats, several packages of flea treatments, and boxes and boxes of little blue bags. There was very little in the car...

CKAcres 8 years ago

Lone Wolf

Time does finally seize us all.

An old alpha peers at a winter moon.For lady wolf, his heart does swoon. Longing for days when they pranced.Stalking like shadows they advanced. Their kits safely snuggled in the den. A time nearly lost, way back when....