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Shell Game

"Now you see it . . ."
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Published 6 years ago
She stands before you
So sincere
Her heart is on display
Cradled in her outstretched hands
Held so tenderly

You melt to see her standing there
You want so to believe
And to accept her offering
Your hands begin to reach

And as you do she pulls away
Saying "you must play the game"
And takes you to a table
Where sit three shells, all the same

She sets one shell atop her heart
And shuffles them about
And under which shell her heart lies
You haven’t any doubt

Just when you think that you have won 
She asks you for a bet
So simple was the game to you
That soon you’re in her debt

But now at lightning speed the shells
Are spun beneath her touch
In vain you try to watch those moves
For where her heart ends up

The spinning shells are still again
It is your time to choose
Find her heart, and she’ll be yours
But empty shell: you lose.

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