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In which Girl grows closer to Bear – and begins to learn something of his past.

Girl was rudely awakened by a massive BLAM and an incredibly bright flash of light. She jerked upright, hand to her mouth, quivering and afraid. She was confused as to where she was, having been ripped from a sound sleep. Her head whipped around, quarteri...

The Far Away Man

Reflections, the lost ones, the wounded trying to find their path.

You were always there, around a distant corner, the far-away man, in the back of my mind. As my sister lay withering away in a hospital bed, it was you, with those ice-blue eyes, always smiling, that wit, your spark. I could see all of you, still. You wer...


Reflecting, and trying to come to terms with the past and future.

    Dear Sam, I watch the June bugs crawl around as the fireflies float and light up my porch. It makes me want to let go, give in and be free. Part of me wants to tell you, you do light up this tiny space, my world. Your humor and compassion, that coolne...


They had planned it as the holiday of a lifetime, but Jen had known all along that it was her final attempt to save their marriage. She'd had very little help from Alex, as usual, other than a few affirmative nods and grunts over his evening bottle of Sco...

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A few thoughts about relationships.

Each moment we spend together Always means so much Reality showing that shared time Loving affection and heartfelt communication Are a most precious gift.   But what about when things fall apart When actions don’t match words And long silences grow obviou...

I Remember My Dress

A relationship you will never get over.

I remember mydressclose-fitting andblackimprisoning my body like shrink wrapI remember myhairlong and darkbrownwith a narrowband of velvettight over myfrownI remember that daywe made ourplansand with promises likea welding torchyou said you would never de...


It's not you, it's me . . .

You were just A challengeThat’s all you were To me I don’t think I liked you muchBut wished You wanted me And wanting it So badlyNeeding To prevail ThinkingPlanningPlottingDetermined not to fail Upset it was upsettingI couldn’t reel You in ApproachAfter a...