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The Crystalline Dream

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Asleep I stray to crystalline woodlands 
Down moonlit paths bestrewn with jeweled sands
In search of the Lady who wears the crown 
My precious Princess to whom I bow down.

Her palace is made of sapphire and jade
To Her your life has been lovingly made
She cares not for the sins you are confessing
With a pearl like smile She bestows her blessing.

Upon Her throne of topaz and turquoise 
Her beauty transcendent with grace and poise
She stretches forth Her gem bedecked fingers
And after Her touch the joy still lingers.

Through windows of quartz the moon is shining
Through all the woods Her soul is refining
Each heart that She caresses with Her charm 
She gives an injunction to do no harm.

The forest of crystals still shimmers bright
As stars fill the heavens with fairy light
My Lady exists in my thoughts and dreams
She never will leave my visions it seems.

What matters in the emerald greenwood
Is how you love and share hope as you should
With words that soothe and forsake all the greed
Follow the Lady, help all those in need.

If these are just words that you may reject
Or toss by the wayside without respect
It matters not in the least what you do
Because the Lady will be there for you.

Whether awake or if I'm still sleeping
Strong oaths were made that I must be keeping
Even if the crystal woods should shatter
It is just a dream and will not matter.

What matters most in the end you must see
Is what you are now and what you will be
Bow to the Lady inside your own heart
And start living the dream, playing your part.

Written by Survivor
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