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The Little Demons...

Why must you linger in my heart and mind?
Can you not just let me have peace?
What you're doing to me isn't kind
And it's bringing out my inner beast.

What is it you want from me? I beg an answer from my demons inside.
"For you to stop locking us away," they claw at my chest.
Can I simply sweep you aside? Give you sanctuary to hide behind?
"That's what leads to more suffering on your part, it's not a path that's best"

I throw away the mirror, my reflection glaring back at me
Judging, staring, hating,
I wallow in misery
As the reflection sits in waiting.

The mirror shatters on impact, glass exploding from the wall
Shards of rainbow colours tumble on the floor
The sound a deafening echo through the hall
I expect someone to enter, but nothing comes through the door.

"You must face yourself head on," my demons whisper lazily.
I cover my face, not daring to open my eyes.
I don't want to; the demons scare me.
They screech, "You must see us as we are before we multiply!"

I move my hands, standing proud and tall
And witness Demon Guilt, Demon Rage, and Demon Fear
They range colors, and sizes from large to small.
A tiny one identifies as Demon Despair.

I look them in the eyes in turn
Facing Demon Guilt, I say,
"I know I have done many things that have been mistakes,
But you do not rule me, Guilt, now burn at the stake."

I watch as the Guilt is burned away,
His eyes sighing in relief.
To Demon Rage I switch my gaze
To announce my belief.

"I have been wronged and hurt; it's okay to feel pain for a time,
It's okay to be angry, and it's okay to feel.
But you do not rule me, Rage, now I reclaim what is mine."
I watch as Rage dissolves, satisfied with my deal.

My eyes wander to Demon Fear
A gastly creature, to be sure,
He uses illusion to mask what's real,
Becoming a disease to be cured.

"The desire to keep alive is nature's intent,
You offer the necessary choices of fight or flight,
You can be quite prudent.
But you do not rule me, Fear, I am going to be all right."

Fear fizzles for a moment, twists and bubbles away
A fantastic exit, for he shouted "Yay!"
I smile and face my final demon.

This tiny demon is a powerful one,
If you give it an inch, than all is done.
I picked it up and put the creature in the palm of my hand,
And explained that I was making my stand.

"You are the final step of oblivion, an evolution of being simply sad,
A natural response, one we've all had.
But you will never rule me, Despair.
Despite all the Demons I've faced
It was you of whom I was most scared.
I'm not sure if it was the time or the place.

You are released from your misery,
Move on from me."
And with that, the little creature melted down,
Fell, a ruler stripped from his crown.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes
Humming to myself a lullaby.
A dream took flight on silver wings.
I'm no longer plagued by your demon-things.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than storiesspace.com with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © This is the original work of Lydia Kiei-Lynne. Do not copy or reproduce in any fashion without explicit written permission of the author.

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