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Hello there, my name is Lydia Kiei-Lynne and it is my calling to write, edit, and read. I'm the typical 'Cancer' person, and my writing tends to be tied into how I feel. I hope to post some of the poems and short stories I've worked on. Please feel free to send a request, and give feedback on my publications. So shoot me a message! I'm not mean...I promise!

Writing, reading, hanging out with good friends, eating (I spend a lot of time watching the Food Network!), relaxing, chakras, energy work, minerals and rocks, Wicca, Shamanism, mythology, wolves (both werewolves and non), vampires, selkies

Favorite Books
The House of Night series, the Avalon series (I read it in seventh grade), The Giver, Tempest Rising, the Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Blood and Chocolate

Favorite Authors
The authors of the books listed above, along with a few of the authors on here and the sister site I'm on.

Favorite Movies
Waaaaay too many to name!

Favorite Music
Uhmmm..... I have a lot!
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Why must I see myself this way?An infection waiting to spreadThe rope of sanity is frayed.Not a day goes by that I'm not filled with dread.It is not the surface painIt's what's underneath my skinThat I hope will be washed with acid rain.I hold myself shut...

Feared confirmationRunning through veinsA sad proclamationSteps forward to take the reinsBackward assumptions, figures, facts, truthWound especially deepWhere they should not, where they were accusedOf not having any.Uncaring world in another's mentalityN...

I thought you were moreThan what others pretended to beYou weren't there when I had to pourMy emotions out for the world to see.What was so important that youCould not spare a call?Tell me the truth,I mean nothing to you at all.Your inaction results in lo...