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The Lost, the Taken, the Sundered and Forsaken

"Lest the Lost, Sundered or Forsaken, while backs are turned, become the Taken."
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I recently lost two relatives who I was not close to. I have also been thinking a lot about separation and the reasons behind it. This poem is about making amends and finding peace before it’s too late.

Souls like lights, travel through space,
Trails crossing, lighting the face,
Of the beautiful world they roam,
This rich and varied Earth called home.
Each soul we touch with recognition,
On our core leaves an impression.
If we could see what will be,
And know which souls we’ll never see,
Once from our sight their light has faded,
Leaving feelings, regretful, jaded,
Pain, sorrow, anger and sadness,
Wishes and prayers short of madness.

The Lost fall away, drifting like ships.
Separation silent as it rips,
Unnoticed from your heart.
Unheeded, unchallenged, you part.

The Taken are cleaved by fate reaping.
Gaping wounds left weeping.
Angry cries and tears calling,
Cannot stop the axe falling.

The Sundered make their own choice,
Withdrawing, receding, their voice.
Fight you may or try to reason,
Blind they seem, in their treason.

Forsaken are the ones you sack,
Cast aside and turn your back.
Pride or greed, want or need,
Choose to leave a friend to bleed

Which souls we’ll never see again,
They’re light never to regain,
Hidden from us, no way to tell,
So on our actions we must dwell.
Stretch out your hand, make it right,
Let not the Lost drift out of sight.
Absolve the Sundered, let them be,
Their choice is theirs, you must see.
Forsaken friends, their hearts implore
Forgiveness and your bond restore.
Lest the Lost, Sundered or Forsaken,
While backs are turned, become the Taken.

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