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Parting Stories


I saw you you claimed me  That night was the start  In the moment I met you  I gave you my heart  Ours was a true Love  Born pure sweet and new  And so my young footsteps  Were following you We strolled through your woodland You gave me your hand  And wal...

I Wish You Love

A wish that comes from a mended heart

Passion is a wonder but if left unleashed It will devour the sweet essence of Love Ripped apart like a rag doll, limp with no heart Left in a corner to ponder in gloom asking why I breathe easy this day, my world is mine The past is just that, I have come...

The Lost, the Taken, the Sundered and Forsaken

Lest the Lost, Sundered or Forsaken, while backs are turned, become the Taken.

I recently lost two relatives who I was not close to. I have also been thinking a lot about separation and the reasons behind it. This poem is about making amends and finding peace before it’s too late. Souls like lights, travel through space,Trails cross...