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Separation Stories


The Long Road Home. Chapter 1.

The continuing story of two young sisters trying to survive the horrors of World war Two.

The Mediterranean. January 15th, 1943 Matron Katarina Langsdorf leaned on the rail at the stern of the old tramp steamer, the coast of Libya having long been lost to her sight by distance and nightfall. Her eyes were moist and red from the tears she had f...


Missing You

How cruel it is to be separated

How frustrating.Fickle Fate threw us together,Pairing an unlikely coupleWhose paths should ne’er have crossed.A cruel mistress,She teased us with love, Budding affection whichThrived and grew -Then she viciously tore us apart.And I miss you.Frustration.It...

You've filled my heart With hope againYou told me that Perhaps we canGive us Another Try You've told me that You love me stillI've told you that I always willMy love Will never Die Our passion flaredAgain one nightWe almost didWhat felt so rightBut alsoSe...

Long Distance Love

Oh, how I love thee...

Laying in their separate beds in different parts of the country, they each hug their pillows close imagining it the other as they send sweet messages of love. Both wanting longing to go back to yesterday when they were together sharing soft passionate kis...

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sensible shoes / burnished love

Upbeat nod to CS Lewis's take on Beauty + the Beast or fairytales where lovers are cursed + parted

sensible shoes kicked off in the foyer reclining across the overstuffed furnishing our shared liebesraum by turns hitched to helios or bathed in lunacy a lipstick kiss left on a mirror love burnishes the glass of twelve hours  forever separating us

The End Of Things

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Their happiness taunts me, the cruelest of jokesIf only they knew how I felt.My heart in pieces, just a shell of a manCursing God, for the cards that were dealt.May your heart be broken a thousand timesMay you drown in a sea of tears.For only those, who h...

The Lost, the Taken, the Sundered and Forsaken

Lest the Lost, Sundered or Forsaken, while backs are turned, become the Taken.

I recently lost two relatives who I was not close to. I have also been thinking a lot about separation and the reasons behind it. This poem is about making amends and finding peace before it’s too late. Souls like lights, travel through space,Trails cross...

Alone, empty. Apart, void. Separately, fragmented. Individually, nothing. Not thinking, not feeling, not caring, just...existing. Existing, yes, but in the basest sense — not truly being. Together, we are no longer empty, void, fragmented. We are replete....

The blue and white striped cup (2nd Chapter)

A series of events leads Claire to be left for months with the most unlikely family.

Claire sat drawing with her wax crayons whilst her mother pushed pieces of meat and stale bread down into the top of the metal meat grinder with one hand and turned the handle with the other. Claire watched fascinated as the meat and bread came out worm l...