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The Soul Reader

"The soul reader's ultimate 'un sub'"

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There was this man, who could read,

souls battered, unhappy and free.

He was gifted with vision from the Gods,

and he was to manifest them into rewards.

It was painful in the beginning to see,

the sad side of human misery.

The sadness so deep it marked the soul,

and scarred it forever like a secret untold.

Then of course there were some,

who were yet to know;

what they were to become.

Confusion reigned their hearts and mind,

and led them to paths untraveled and denied.

There were those too who had time left none

yet were happy as ever, as if they had just begun.

Their lives were like the scent of rose,

mesmerising those whose hearts they had won.

Then there was this another lot,

who though themselves unlucky, had the ‘Midas’ touch.

Whatever they did turned lucky for others,

and these men were happy in the happiness of their brothers.

Unwinding the lives and the souls the soul reader knew,

and he was born every moment with the revelations he drew.

Then one day while on his errand undone,

he met a man with soul none.

He was surprised to see such a paradox and,

wondered where the soul was lost.

So he asked the man,

“Sir where is your soul?”

“I am surprised,

how could you have lived like this,

and still been happy and not sore?”

The man with no soul,

smiled and replied;

“I have been here for some time my child,

and I have died,

so many deaths in time,

since the time I arrived."

"Every single soul lost to greed, sadness and tragedy,

killed me a million times;

Before my time.

Yet even with great sadness in my heart,

I tried to create and manifest goodness in the heart.

And every day I create a soul,

hoping each time,

That someday I be told;

What beauty you created in me

I hope it magnifies and

Merges in thee.

Thee who has no soul,

but creates evermore,

these souls from his own,

and barrens his own.”

With tears in his eyes,

the creator smiled;

and the soul reader

Was lost in the scenes from

the beginning of time,

and he wished a smile back,

on the creator’s lips

and instantly knew that the creator

had heard his wish.

For instantly the creator smiled,

reading the soul readers thoughts,

and nodded his head,

As if to say ‘not all is lost my child, not all is lost’.

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