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God Stories


Of God and Bear

The Bear and Girl discuss whether God exists…with surprising results.

The two friends sat together, watching the stars emerge in their crystalline thousands. Finally, Bear got up. “Follow me,” and walked off the porch. The Girl followed him, but put her hand on his back to guide herself, watching the ground to keep from tri...


What makes a monster?

My grandmother tried to kill me in my crib when I was two months old. She’s dead now. Did I kill her? I don’t know. It’s not a simple question, and there are no simple answers. All I remember is being covered in blood, her blood, as I lay in my crib. # I...

Though you cannot hold me, I'm with you anyway; God had special plans for me, I got my wings today.   I did not want to leave you, but no longer could I stay; My time on Earth was over and I had to go away.   I'll be watching over you, do not be dismayed;...

Story to tell

Which one do you think it was, God, or Fate?

Everyone has a story to tell, about who they are, where they came from, what their names mean. Not to boast (okay, I’m boasting a tad) I happen to believe there’s something extra magical about mine. While I don’t believe in organized religion, you might e...

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Tonight, I can not sleepBecause the eye of the Universe is watching meThe strands of the fabric of everything weave through my thoughtsAnd pull themselves through my breathThe voice of All rolls over my tongue In the unfathomable blathering of wavesOr may...

The way is clear, the path is bright; Illuminated by God's heavenly light;It's on this path I daily walk;When God and I share a talk; I seek His guidance in every way; Before I rest or work or play;God gently cautions me each day; "My precious child don't...

While walking on the path of life when troubles came along;I noticed the footprints in the sandbelonged to only one;I questioned God, who answered,"My child, you never were alone, for in his arms, he carried you,those prints are of my Son."

Drink Of The Fruit

This is a lyric I entered in a contest using one given line.

Drink Of The Fruit Outside the city where the pomegranates grow, In the fields of the everlasting mind. Shines the rays of enlightened warmth I seek, And the hopes of a new mankind. To taste the fruit of Gods and men, Is to embrace the immortal soul. With...