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CKAcres 5 years ago

Not Promised

We aren't promised property for another to bequeath.

Picture Perfect By Rebellious_Soul inspired the following. Thanks Rebs Possessions can be pledged to another, but the soul, the heart, are only the owners to gift. Only when given freely,can the heart radiate, ...

CKAcres 5 years ago

Fire of Love

One's heart knows things that the mind can't understand.

Their eyes met, she recognized his soul. Giving an impious wink,she turned away. Igniting a spark, deep in his licentious spirit. Knowing that moment,they were meant to dance. An inferno of desire consumed h...

Will You Be Mine? - Adrian Gabardo I think of you all day, It's like my thoughts have been washed out, Leaving nothing but you in my brain. You have no idea how much I long for you, To hold you in my arms, To kiss y...

CKAcres 5 years ago

These Eyes

Behind these eyes my demons hide.

Living things I can't undo.Bitter-tasting, like a rue. Nearly always askew.Into a looking glass I peer.Manifestation so unclear.Expression fraught with fear.Different gateways to my soul.One my present view,One I feel...

As I sit looking out the window of my blackened soul. I see the light of the day outside. Reaching to touch it. To feel the warmth of the day from the coldness of the darkness. Wishing for my freedom.

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lost in a world,where no one can find me,where I can't find myself.I go in search of body and soul,I wander afar.over rough roads,stormy watersand dark clouds.through distant un...

Doobie 7 years ago


Change has come, delightful embrace,

Deceitful sight, we are lost, out of place, Soulful nature, enfolded with beauty and grace, Eyes shut, breath deep… exhale, Change has come, delightful embrace, We are one, nature - Mother Earth.