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This Is the Night

"An old poem I thought I should publish after being reminded of it by summer's beautiful nights."
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Published 7 years ago
The dark envelops the world,

wielding a sharp blade against the light.

Shadows sink on over brooding souls. 

Oh yes, this is the forthcoming night.

The sun bleeds upon misty skies

like red and orange coloring a blank sheet;

as diamond rain onto bracken earth spills,

brightness and black finally in a waltz meet

and like a blown candle flame, the light disappears.

Twinkling eyes form over the black firmament of sky,

watching over us like a loved one would.

Darkened streams of gleaming beauty rain down

as howls echo throughout the desolate wood.

The feathers of black wings fall upon the Earth

like a majestic bird ready to take flight;

as lids close over tired eyes,

the world realizes and praises the skies,

that Oh yes, this is the arrival of night.

Mother Moon hovers over mountaintops,

smiling beautifully down at her children.

Her pale ivory gleam spills onto warm bodies,

the soft bath of her silver as enchanting as a siren.

Tree limbs shiver like a rippling stream in the bitter cold of wind

as a song of nature forms over quiet, grassy plains.

Leaves rustle and flutter in a beautiful, noisy dance

that serve as a warning of the darkness and its games.

Oceans, streams, forests and rivers

are all enveloped in gleaming black and blue ink.

Moments pass on by as the darkness progresses,

and even after what seems like an eternity,

shadows find new objects to swallow and over them they slowly sink.

God’s sharp command arrives after some hours of magic, 

just a few more moments until dawn kills this sight.

Drink in these beautiful, fleeting seconds that are left,

because Oh yes, this is the majestic night.

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