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Over 90 days ago
Puerto Rico


I'm just a teenager who takes fiction too seriously and life too lightly.

Singing, writing, dancing, reading, drawing, zoology

Favorite Books
Lullaby, Angels and Demons, Of Mice and Men, Hellsing, Death Note, Tithe, Game of Thrones

Favorite Authors
Chuck Palahniuk, Dan Brown, Holly Black, Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Bradbury

Favorite Movies
Pan's Labyrinth, Mary and Max, The Normal Heart, Avatar, The Avengers, The Phantom of the Opera

Favorite TV Shows
Glee, Supernatural, Merlin, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Sherlock

Favorite Music
Marina and the Diamonds, Muse, Florence + the Machine, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Lady Gaga, Coheed and Cambria
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Bedroom Hymn

I'm in love and I was inspired. The use of religious terms is not meant to offend anyone.

They say God is dead. I say God is reborn every single night whenever you make me scream his name. You see, no religion is as good as ours. No prayer sounds as beautiful as your heavy breathing beside my ears, and holy water doesn't feel nearly as cleansi...

It's Too Late to Say I'm Sorry

A short piece I wrote about my struggles with anorexia. Contains a line from the song Homewrecker.

It was all my fault, really. I did this to myself, I let people control me. I listened to the hungry barks of men and the curling breaths of the hounds around me and let the big bad wolf get to me. At least I learned my lesson, at least I know now that I'...


Exploring a relationship with no future and no past

you are not my gleaming sun you are not the soft, rhythmic beating of my heart you are not constant, sweet music to my ears, nor are you beauty and grace and personified you are not my winged golden seraph, you are not my endlessly starry night sky. you a...