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To Whom It May Concern, (My Farewell Letter)

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To Whom It May Concern,

You are evil.

You are a horrid,

Manipulative bitch,

And you disgust me.

You knock others down,

While you stand above them,

Taunting them as they cry out.

People say misery likes company,

But why would you go so far, 

As to hurt the people who love you?

Who try to help you?

You won't ever change.

I give up on you.

I will no longer be the nice person that you can push around.

If you want to treat me and everyone else like shit,

Then that's what I am going to give back.

I'm through holding my tounge.

The person you used to be died,

A long time ago.

And I have no clue what monster, 

What demon lives inside of you.


It's funny that I used to call you my sister,

My family.

Because you aren't.

I always thought that I was the one that was going to turn into that monster whose blood runs through MY veins.

But it was you.

You're just like him.

I was just stupid enough to give you chances upon chances to change.

You are no longer my sister.

You are a spawn of the monsters that ruined my life.

And I'll be damned if I let you control MY life too.

Sincerely yours,

Your little sister.

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