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Truth and Beauty Can Be Boring

"Sometimes the cutesy stuff is o.k.?"
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Regarding Truth and Beauty
people often get too snooty
since achieving them in art is overblown!

For we who like to write
about stuff that’s mundane and light
our poems lack both and so they mostly stay unknown!

But there is nothing wrong
about side-stepping Falun Gong
and simply knocking out a cutesy little ditty.

Yes Communists are bad
and all oppressors make us mad...
but some of us just celebrate the witty!

Grecian Urns are nice
and Hollow Men made me think twice
and had me whimper over existential issues.

The road Frost left not taken
did in fact in me awaken
strong regrets that had me sniffling in my tissues!

So I wound up obsessing
about things that were depressing
such as how much better my life could have been.

And now until my death
I can feel bad with every breath!
Let's grab that urn and fill it up with gin!

In a world with guns and Covid
I don’t care much about Ovid.
Just give me something fun before I’m dead.

Ulysses is not crappy
but it sure ain’t very snappy!
(That James Joyce book was way over my head.)

(c) 2021, All rights reserved


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