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Zelda's Mist

Zelda's Mist

Tags: love, poem, fate

You couldn't be farther from what I know,
maybe it was in the way you move,
stirring heat through the night's cold mist,
it was so much more to me than a bright flash
against the dark backdrop we lost our silhouettes in.

You wanted to know the animal,
what really drives me beneath this nervous gaze,
and I wanted to know the sparks
beyond your blushes and sighs,
beckoning both a soft touch
and the wolf that whispers below.

I saw something in you,
a fire meant to be chased,
and I realize when I get close enough
that we have been here before, my love.

You, the Princess,
I, the naive boy

Living as a single grain among
a sprawling kingdom's sands and towers,
sheltered only for so long
from the precipice of war.

But it's not politics or familial blades
that pull you and I together.

Something beyond links us as one in every era,
in the churning of time's unstoppable engines,
our story is bound to repeat,
to write itself upon each world
that needs legends to pass on.

You were more than a helpless maiden,
and I was more than a boy
who would go on to be a slayer,
it all comes back to me
in this night's cold mist.

The songs I learned to play on lonely hills,
your voice carrying me through bloodshed,
through ancient masks
and spirits steering the wind.

It is always you and I in the end.

I always have to know if you are
just a parable sewn to the soul,
a fable to steel me against the dark.

When our hands clasp together,
other lives hum through me,
the friends we've lost,
the castles that have crumbled.

I saw skies streaked with crimson
as a fatal beast awakened,
it's thirst for power knows no end,
only destruction or the point
of my weathered blade.

You couldn't be farther from what I know,
maybe it was in the way you called to me,
the heat in your breath cutting
through the night's cold mist,
it's so much more than a bright flash
spilled against our lost silhouettes.

You wanted to know the hero,
convinced we remain invulnerable
to time's callous passage,
I've kept your song with me,
no matter what separates us,
no matter what chaos splits
the earth wide open.

This cycle may be endless,
the same monsters I must slaughter,
the same relics I must clutch
that flow with the energies of all worlds.

We have been here before, love,
and I never do this to be remembered.

I do this for the eternal spark in you,
for the way your lips seal over mine,
for the fires that warm us,
that sustain us as the world
turns over and inside out

To begin all over again.
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