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Red Dot. Always a red dot. Fortunes crossed by the fate of a given moment. There was no escape for either of them. Both had a job to do, But only one would pull the trigger.

With the modern age, the Greek Gods returned to Mount Olympus. From time to time they still interfered with our daily lives. This is but one.   Atropos As the day starts. Mortals stumble awake. As their day starts. Fresh coffee dripping. Fast kiss and off...

How strange I muse, that fate should smile on me, And with a touch, such happiness bestow, For I have found quite unexpectedly, A dear companion from whose heart does flow Such tender love that banishes my fears, A gift so undeserved, and yet so kind That...

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The Only One He Couldn't Have (Chapter 1: Creatures of Lore)

The vampire took hold of the necromancer, taking it away to Karmathor.

Chapter 1: Creatures of Lore"One day you too will take your place as the elite of our keepers. One day, I will not be here, and you will have to take my place," Gyais smiled down at the small child that stood before him, hopping from one foot to the other...



It was always going to happen

I can’t help loving you. I just do.I’ve no entitlement To your affection, Yet I seek it regardless, And I’m blessed That you reciprocate. Our love is true.But our timing’s all wrong, Way off the mark. I failed to find you When I searched for love. Despera...

You couldn't be farther from what I know, maybe it was in the way you move, stirring heat through the night's cold mist, it was so much more to me than a bright flashagainst the dark backdrop we lost our silhouettes in. You wanted to know the animal, what...

Anger Never Pays

Anger never pays. The results can never be taken back.

My dad told me, when I was a boy, "There is nothing you can do to change or correct the past. You just have to make sure that you do not continue the same bad things in the future. You must move on." This was something I remembered to this day. My family...

It has to be Fate

This was meant to happen

A couple meet at a bar by fate,They go on lots of amazing dates. They're two souls that just connect,Treating each other with lots of respect.Loving each other in so many ways,Seeing each other every single day.They're so attracted to each other,They make...