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Alberta Clipper

Alberta Clipper

Feeling the wind blowing through my hair under these grey skies threatening rain, which is making me look to the mountains from where it’s coming from like that old Highway 61 when it calls. Knowing the time to head out on that last journey to the north where the wind hits heavy is drawing near, and I am heading to that one with her hair so long who lives there from that North Country fair, as I close my eyes and see her standing there which is so easy to do.

Thinking back to when I saw her smiling and laughing blue eyes, or of her in that white cotton dress she wore when she ran with her hair flying free in the summer sun, laughing as she ran across those green alfalfa fields like something so wild and free, and heard her name on the wind just as I believe she has heard mine as I tried to catch her. But, at times, I reach out and she slips away for at times it’s like reaching out to catch a star, with both of us carrying if truth be known a kind of bruised love as life ain't always too kind.

Doing our best but sometimes we get the words wrong or just don’t speak right, and we both know what we are speaking about even when we see familiar faces in what are now worn-out places, with both of us knowing that it’s better to hear and know the truth than to live a lie in a fool’s paradise. Like those self-proclaimed saints quick to judge and their allies the prophets of doom would have us believe, from their “gospels” that can be found scrawled illegibly on the walls or in bathroom stalls. Though we might have argued at times and compromised yet we have never played the zero option game, and heard the dark-side call to us as it tried to misdirect us from what we both know is real and true. As we remember the day when we stood against the wall and the kiss we shared knowing nothing would fall, and now wondering at times if you can hear me as I pray to the Father and the Spirit to guide and protect you from above? While keeping your secrets and picked you up after falling down and though I might be fragile at times, you have seen both the strong and weak sides of me too.

Both of us having been through those long nights and tried to shoot the moon as we tried to touch the skies, and we both know this road might seem to go on forever, distance isn’t the end and I might not have much but remember all. Having all that I am and all I have between these two empty hands and find myself elevated by you at times, as we both rise up to break down any and all distance that might stand between you and I. And taking dancing lessons on that jitterbug ride to dodge obstacles and people’s games as life goes on. So let’s take that final journey together as we look for the open door.

Reaching out as if from life to life with the darkness falling at noon, with passion taking it’s toll and hitting with the force of a shotgun blast. As I hear that amazing sound of the gift of your laughter that you give that keeps the sails full, so look me in the eyes and see the reflection that’s there as I look into those of yours. Your eyes are nearly the most perfect ones I have seen and at times, I get weighed down by the steel in your look.

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