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Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet

The Penultimate final posting for awhile; (revised version).

Coming up to meet you and hearing your questions of silence, wondering if you will catch me when I fall or get lost in a storm? I remember when we stood there looking out at the skyline, and it felt like there was no turning back down the road that led to this moment we shared. Feeling the years go by as if I have been racing against the clock and been hearing the ticking of that false clock that just distracts us from all things.

I feel that I am just thinking of a series of dreams, and I understand that every life must one day end. And so practiced are my sins, I know they won’t let me win. Just like when I sit at the table and the Devil deals from the bottom of the deck and grins with each card I am dealt and I know I should fold and walk away but instead I sit and bluff even though I know I am holding a losing hand. But I know that even in a world where things have changed and seem to have gone wild we will survive.

Walking out through this Vale of Tears, I remember being told that evil spirits can live on deep in the heart in this world that is still full of speculation and hides mysteries. I don’t have time for idle conversation so I ain’t talking so my mission won’t be deflected, and I won’t step back as I keep walking to where you stand. Feeling like I am in freefall, and dropping like a cannonball, as I hope you won’t let me go. So I might be alive and kicking and gonna do what I have to do to keep a dream alive, for my heart won’t let me give in even when things go wrong.

And still I ain’t talking when they ask their million questions and want to know the score, and I hear them saying it’s a form of madness following a code of silence, for they will never know my reasons and if a vow is what it takes then it’s because I know the danger is always near from those who feel they are entitled to find all they can out.

And when you are standing in the shadows I would open the skies if I could, as I give you my devotion to the end of time. I just need you there at my side so we will never be forgotten, for I have stood in those complicated shadows that can break iron and bend steel and emerged changed. Just like when I stood in the flames and emerged to the edge of that black range and returned to see an English sunset with you.

I feel a change coming on, and the last part of the day has already past and gone on by, and is now in the turning of the twilight. Quietly standing in the shadows and seeing the dark light of the dawn breaking on those promises that have been made. My eyes tend to confound me in that dark light, and when I see clearly I know it’s you I have been searching for and your smile and I’ll know I no longer need to look anymore and breathing feels alright.

Through it all there are times when I feel like my soul has been turned into steel, so I had to find you and hear your secrets and had you ask me your questions from the start, that came from your heart. Wanting you to come back when all is said and done and haunt me like you did at the start.

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