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Burning Chrome

Burning Chrome

Sitting out here as a million stars circle the Earth high above my head, as I slowly drift back in memory to all of those things that happened and that were said then, and turning my attention to the pain that I have always denied yet knowing it still lingers there in some way. Maybe I could have changed if wisdom would have courted me instead of the way fear and mistrust did, with those ties that bind and bless the soul that seem to be like heavy chains that bind me at times, and memories seem to twist the blades though your love is the only thing that can cut through it all,-
Still I believe in those ancient promises that were once made like I manage at times to believe I am totally free, though I know that Liberty quietly laughs as she pirouettes and casts Illusion’s net when I think of myself free, with both the answer and the intention(s) hanging there in front of me in plain sight yet it’s like I am totally blind seeing it. As those constellations above slowly wheel across the skies they seem like a million eyes watching over me, and wondering if they have seen through me and the life I have led or those things I have attempted to do?

Feeling the old training rise up and re-assert itself again as I think of you and nothing more, as I find myself wondering if I will ever be recognized on the other side of day as I lay back and look at those stars above? Being like a stranger who moves in the shadows braving both heat and cold as I make my way to the soul, and having had times of guilt and pain yet knowing from experience it’s not so loud when it comes out of a bottle. But, those days are gone and not forgotten of the way it all had me feel then when I had angels watching over me, and still some of them remain to guide and direct me when those times of darkness turns to light,-
Having some insight now and then to put some things right which should be able to make the world begin again, as I ask only things that you can give from within you being: Faith, Hope, Love, and Trust as we make our way. So whisper in my ear what you want and feel what you truly are and that is beautiful and love isn’t a crime. Though at times you might feel my darkness that can cut so deep as my passion seems to take its toll on things, and still I lay here and look to the stars I trying to see the beginning of time as memories and these thoughts are had.

Drifting through all in my mind as I look to that canopy of Heaven above and feel you near, and though I might feel lost I always seem to find my way because you are always here in some way. Both of us are aware of the pain words and the sharp pleasure that learning disappointment can cause. With intuition being at times be of crucial importance as we strive to live and make the most of every hour, and at times we also bargain with the Devil, who lives in the details to get ourselves through each day as well. In all things of beauty there is some kind of pain and notice no one talks of the times when beauty is undone? With there being times too when the wrong words are really the right ones to be said when the strong stumble and fall. Just as there are those times when beauty and mystery collide haunting you with unanswerable questions,-
Like when I have stood by those rivers of blindness and watched those waterfalls of pity roar nearby, and having asked in the past for you use your heart and your hands when you see me falling apart or alone, and at times I had nothing but hope, and faith of heart to pull me through the darkness that can fall at noon, that can eclipse the sun’s dark light when the coldest winds can be felt blowing as those dark fronts pass. As I find a blue moon in my eyes when those times happen and I seem to disappear then reappear like smoke, being like some kind of a wandering ghost from deep in the machinery yet what cares I for praise unless it’s from you? And knowing that those machine dreams produce a form of vertigo and déjà vu when insight is what’s needed most.

You are all I really want to know and we both know that the truth of life is the greatest gift, though it seems the game that gets played at times is either one of zero option or one of compromised solution. And do you dream at night or have you reached to touch the night or shed a tear and think of paradise as lost? Knowing there are some things that time will not erase and some wounds will never heal like those scars I carry, that the sun’s dark light wouldn’t or couldn’t heal yet I still stand by and with you as I extend my hand for you to take,-
For we both know that a lack of understanding leads us away from that unity that’s wanted and needed. And one day I hope to see those dreams come to life again that have sat curling on the chart tables, as I tire of running in my own heat and at times don’t know where I’m going but ending up where I need to be, and now slowly rising from my spot here on this ridge having realized the galaxies above me are full of frozen poetry. Just like the experiences we all seem to have and at times border on the edge of human existence.

Now standing here watching that dark silhouette make it’s way towards me and knowing it’s you, as I ask you not to speak but to whisper in order to hold the moment as the light grows in the East. Standing together as the dawn is starting to break as we stand as one and at times tangled in thoughts of you, and wondering if you stand there with the same tangle of thoughts as we watch the dark light of the false dawn? As we stand here sharing the peace in what remains of the black and white lighting as the sun’s dark light takes hold.

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