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Catalan Sun

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Published 5 years ago
Sitting here by the river under those heavy grey skies watching it flow to sea, as I see you standing there and it’s not very hard to do as I just close my eyes and see your face, and knowing you’ve had times when you feel so feel weak and tired with the days leaving you uninspired. Feeling like life goes on with the purpose for living having simply gone forward without you, and I know that you have always hoped for something better.

As I feel my mind drifting back as I remember one night, when I snuck into your house climbed those rickety stairs leading to your room, and I stood silently watching through a crack in the door as you sat there crying in the mirror. Then watched you kneel and say a prayer as you asked the Father and the Trinity for help and guidance, with my eyes growing misty when asked the same for me as well as for something better,and being something I have always sensed and felt from you all along.

Both of us having laughed until we cried though at times we let each other down and remembered the smiles we shared in the dark light of the sun as we wished what would truly be as I heard your cries through the Southern winds when you heard I had been wounded deep in battle. Your smile is what I have stood on file for along with that special beauty there deep in your eyes, and I know you deny that it’s there but I have felt come out from deep within you. For we both have committed our spirits to the test and found how deep still waters run.

And beginnings are delicate things as I ask you to take my hand and come across these burning sands, and with you by my side, together we might possibly feel the wind from paradise or feel love hit like a hurricane. As I feel time passing as that false clock tries to tick out my time as love drops down hard like a guillotine, with both of us trying to be together as we share all to move like this river flows to the sea.

Some things were and are meant to be and you know that’s true, as I stand wondering if you remember that when you take my hand, you hold my heart and whole life too? As we make ours through this Vale of Tears known as life with that good feeling deep in our hearts. We both know it is like when we shared that kiss by the wall knowing nothing could or would fail or fall, and in times of trouble I have asked you how can I let those best of times slip away especially you?

For if your stars don’t shine just ask and I’ll give you mine as I have always done. So hold each and every moment that passes sacred, while giving them each clarity and meaning, as you feel the weight of awareness, truth and fulfillment just like those moments that might haunt you; like when both beauty and mystery collide bringing about those questions that just can’t be answered. With fires being lighted as hearts become united and join together once again in that first alliance, as the odds make each heart bolder knowing that who dares wins.

And in my eyes I know you have seen blue skies through the tears, and though all things seem to be the same with cards drawn for both sorrow and pain. And having heard it said that love can and will save the day as you watch as the day slowly unfolds. So release your fears and challenge the future and what it might hold as you stand up to be counted, and forget those who have a different view and let them burn their eyes as you stand tall and pass by, as you know as long as you got just one good friend then you will be doing fine.

Though I might have been a hero in your eyes for at least for one day, as I sit here watching the river flow knowing there are stories it can tell and mysteries it can’t hide. So I’ll look to the skies and try to see the beginning of time through those overcast skies as the day gives up, and be taking the higher ground inch by inch trying to find a way to head into those better days, with the paths leading to where you stand.

Copyright April 2008- 6: Timberwolf International LTD.

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