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I have heard them say that the Devil’s in the details and I know exactly what they mean, and these are strange times we are currently living in and maybe it’s true what Lennon said about strange days having found us? With simulated sunsets and starlight dazzling my eyes and wondering for how long things will go this way, and have me feeling like I am walking through the wasteland with the ghost(s) in the machine(s), as I make my way on down the line? But, then again by a twist of fate I heard every word that was said by him, her, and them, that night. Though I might be considered nothing more than food for those self-proclaimed saints quick to judge me, as well as a kind of a wandering ghost. But then again what cares I for their words of praise?

Hand on my heart I will pledge to take a stand, as I kneel down on the edge of a field near this old back road I am following feeling the breeze blowing gently as I calmly state my case. And I know that it takes all the pieces to be refit together to fix a broken man, as lies still can be heard said in the form of words of trust. Then again; faith can move mountains, and fire can cleanse the soul, while mind over matter won’t stop when you tell it no. So help me Lord and bless my soul, as I make my way on that thin line between friend and foe, and see how some of them lie with shaking hands.

Shaking the dust off my hands and knowing all will one day arise and not question the strength gathered is converted from pain that has been felt. Looking for a breath of life and just needing a touch of a singular touch of grace, as I hear those others gargling with the rat race choir trying to say no. This is my life and for living it I will pay and whatever I reap I will have sown, and for those reasons I ain’t talkin’ in most cases and hold those truths I carry close to my chest. And I know we should be together, especially when you need help and keep returning to that place where it seems like the hammer is going to fall along with those shadows that can be felt, and be your friend.

To many I seem to be building a mystery and roam on down these roam, and not giving up the search for what I am looking for and have been called by you an ancient charmer. And holding back tears as doctrine dictates and has many thinking I am just carrying ice in my heart, with ice water in my veins, as well as walking tall; cool, collected, yet savage, and feeding off their fears. We don’t have to worry for we are something they fear and thought was made extinct in these revision filled times. Having raged against the machine(s), and raising our hands up to the sky as true individuals. Though many might think we have burned our tomorrows as we stand here at the edge of the future standing firmly here inside of today. Facing our critics and destroyers who have judged us for falling after having us ambushed by their lies.

Sometimes I need a sign to know you are near, and there are times when uncertainty raises its head. And I expect you to not give up though things might be in nothing but shades of grey, and not in black and white, and things need to be clear. And can you hear me during those times when a sign is needed and have no need to hide away? Still do you breathe the name of your savior in those hours of need when turmoil rises slowly like flood waters to drown you? Then again more than ever I hope I never will fall and have my life turn into a carnival of rust, as the world feels like it is burning should they attempt to play their games and destroy all. With the chances are we will find a new equation that they can’t solve and though we both have the collateral damage we carry there are always possibilities. Both of us wish we could forget the past and then again we both have our sins we carry and that shouldn’t matter, for when all is said and down we will just go and start everything over and just start again where we left off.

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