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Prelude To Nocturne

Prelude To Nocturne

I had heard it said once that the Devil lives in the details, and I know just exactly what was meant when I heard it said by them. Though, most of the time I try and stay focused and try to look ahead at what might come, even if I feel at times as if I am walking through a wasteland as I make my way down the line, and being like some kind of a wandering ghost or like a ghost living in the machinery. But I will somehow survive, overcome, and prevail as I endure it all and get by.

Strange days and times seem to have come and found us here, and I don’t want to live with the way that things are, but able to handle all I stumble across. As I follow that road, I’m on to where it leads as it unwinds and reading the signs I have passed, and wondering at times if God will send his angels or if Heaven will shine it’s light down anytime soon?

Living out here on a fine thin line like a razor’s edge here in these strange times, and noticing most of the time that the skies seem full of miracles with half of them being lies, which goes hand in hand with what I heard once about all the truths adding up and really being one big lie. So I guess that I will hold my own and stand my ground as I deal with those brush fires flaring up around me, and deal with that dust of confusion that covers everything no matter how thick it might get.

These are the times of trial and when friends are needed or to have someone near, and finding myself gazing upwards towards those sapphire tinted skies with starlight in my eyes, and wishing I could close my eyes and ride through those sapphire skies with you beside me in dreams. With those days seeming to slowly roll by becoming nearly the same in their passage marking time off. And having to be strong most of the time, and not give in to hatred and not pretend as I work compromises. But being just half way content is usually just fine.

Looking to the right and seeing those jokers from that dark courtyard in the north standing there, and seem to be stuck there in the middle of them and those clowns that have come out from the left too, as I try to make sense of it all and wonder if I can take any more of all that’s being thrown at me? Feeling at times that I need some place to hide and like I’m running out of time as well, and knowing that a moment changes all things and in a blink of an eye all is over.

Thinking back when I stood on a ridge and shunned all including religion, and not able to fight those tears that I know won’t be coming when it all gets so intense. But I would give up forever for a brief chance to reach out and reclaim part of yesterday. Only there is no crueler illusion and attempting to reach out it slips away like dreams do on waking, and it’s like I’m running, hiding, losing, and crying with nothing left but my life with blue moons in my eyes. Knowing that those self-proclaimed saints quick to judge want to put my head in the guillotine, so I can’t let go and relax or look back as I dodge those games that people play as life goes on.

As I ask if you will take my hand and be my long lost friend in this wilderness of pain? And come be with me through all of the madness, confusion and collision that we might meet? To go forward and make our way back down the line or wherever this road we are on unwinds? Meeting in dreams beyond the blue hills of the border and seeing those simulated sunsets together, and able to truly be as one here near these gates of ivory and horn here in the plane of Morpheus, while there is still life to be found here beneath the sun.

You, my friend, have been the reason I have continued for so far and so long, and though I have been dealt a losing hand each time and hoping that I can bluff my way to winning once, and having you at my side to help catch me as I fall has meant more than all the diamonds in the sky. As you know, I would do the same for you and to help you get through these strange times that found us. Though we might not win our hearts would never give in.

So when the final shuffling of dreams is over and the strange times have left, only we will remain after all the cards have been played and sit on the table. Always remember who and what you are, where you came from and those who accept you. For all that you are, have been and what you can and will be, even if these aren’t the best of times though they may be all that we know now as the Blues have descended and walked through.

I will be the one looking back at you from those smoking mirrors and fires of the mind, so close your eyes and ride with me across those sapphire tinted skies as we dream together. Through all the times that we might have together as well as meeting in those cathedrals of our own, and hoping to never see that sad look of surrender in either of our eyes, for I will be there for you.

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