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The Blind Date

Tags: love, humor, youth

Something works out

If anyone likes this I'll continue with it.

“Bill, you have to help me out!

“I do, huh? Why do I?'

“Come on, haven't we been friends since grade school? Think of all the times I've helped you out.”

“That wouldn't take long. What did you do now? I haven't any bail money, so forget that”.

“No no, I'm not in trouble with the law. You know Kathy Pack, don't you? I've got a chance for a date with her.”

“Yeah, I know Kathy, we were in some classes together back in high school. Good for you, she's pretty hot. But what's that got to do with me?”

“Her cousin is in town, visiting, and she won't go out unless her cousin comes along, you have to double date with us.”

“ME? A blind date? You've got to be kidding, I'm not going on a blind date with some reject from the dog pound. Are you nuts?”

“Bill, I'll make it worth your while, I'll pay for everything. I'll even let you bring that deathtrap you call a car to my dad's shop and help you fix it. How about it? You know I've had the hots for Kathy for a long time and this my only chance.”

“I don't know, Don, what's she look like?”

“Uh, I haven't met her but Kathy's told me about her.”

“Uh huh, and she said she had a nice personality, right?”

“Well, she did mention that, but she also said she's real smart and popular.

“That's girl talk that means she's a real bowwow, Don, and you know it.”

“That's not true, girls don't think about other girls looks like we do, she's probably a real beauty if she's related to Kathy. Come on, what are friends for?”

“If I agree to this, Don, there's some rules on it you'll have to agree to.”

“Oh, what are they?”

“First, we go out of town, maybe to a dark movie so I'm not seen with her. I've started a thing with Janice and I don't want that messed up. If we go anyplace after the movie it has to be a place none of our friends go, preferably dark.”

“Sure, no problem, we'll go to that big movie complex over in Hudson City, and there's a place close that's real dark and romantic like.”

After Don called Kathy and they all agreed to a date and time the boys went their separate ways until the night of the date, when Don first picked up Bill in his dad's almost new Lincoln.

“How did you talk your dad into letting you drive this beast, Don. This is his pride and joy.”

“I have to clean the body shop after work for a week, but it'll be worth it to impress Kathy. Girls like nice cars.”

“Yeah, maybe, if you own them. Does she know what you drive? She probably wouldn't be seen dead in that old wreck of yours.”

“Hey, I'm almost done with it, paint next week, it's a classic.”

Bill had taken pains to dress nicely so he didn't screw up Don's chances. He really did like Don and they had been close friends for most of their lives. He had on a pressed pair of denims with a silk sport shirt. He'd even polished his loafers. Don was dressed very similarly, the going style for a casual date.

When they rang the bell the door was opened by Kathy's mom and after greeting them said the inevitable words, “Come in, the girls will be down in just a few minutes.”

They didn't have long to wait until Kathy came down the stairs. She was a very pretty small version of what you would expect of a swim suit model, quite curvaceous, not too well hidden in her skirt and blouse and a light sweater over her shoulders. Her hair was a dark auburn with lighter highlights. Bill agreed with Don's opinion, she was hot.

After a few minutes chatting Kathy turned and loudly asked, “Ronnie, aren't you ready yet?”

“Hold on, I'm coming, I'm coming.” as another girl appeared at the top of the stairs. Bill's jaw dropped and he immediately fell in lust. Or maybe love, it's not too much of a difference at their age and hard to distinguish one from the other.

The girl descending the stairs was an astonishing beauty, quite tall, with a full figure that was only emphasized by her ensemble, skin tight jeans and a tee shirt, covered by a rather bulky sweater just loosely laid on her shoulders. Her face was exquisite with a dazzling white smile while her shining slightly curled, pitch black hair hung well down her back. Her bright turquoise eyes were set off by full black lashes.

Both the boys stood there in apparent shock, mouths agape, as Kathy said, “Veronica, I'd like you to meet two of my friends, this is Don, my close friend, and this handsome guy is Bill, Don's close friend,” thus laying out the arrangements for the night very neatly.

Bill managed to get his chin up to say, “Uh, um, I'm very, very glad to meet you, Veronica,” and extended his hand which was met with a soft, but firm handshake.

Don piped up, “Yeah, me too Veronica,” with his eyes still quite wide in awe.

Veronica, in a low sultry voice replied, “Please, call me Ronnie or Ron, all my friend do, and now you are my friends too, are you not?” Both the young men wasted no time in assuring Ronnie that they were indeed among her closest friends, practically inseparable in fact, until death probably.

Kathy gave Don a very strange look and as she turned, lost her balance slightly and stepped on Don's foot, and he yelled, “Ow, that really hurt Kath, why'd you do that?”

She looked up at Don and in a sweet voice purred, “Oh, Don, I'm so sorry, I slipped, I hope you're alright,” and batted her eyes at him.

“Oh, I'm just fine Kath, don't worry about it, accidents happen,” as she consoled him with her eyes and a small smile. Or maybe a smirk.

“Well, shall we go?" Kathy called, and they went out toward the car. Kathy looked at this dark blue auto and crooned, “Oh, Don, what a beautiful car,” at which Don gave Bill a sneer and an upraised finger behind his back.

Don and Kathy got in the front seat while Bill held the door for Ronnie. Don started the car and advised everyone, “Better put your seat belts on, it's a ways to Hudson City, and we don't want to get a ticket.”

Bill said, “Why go way over there, we've got a nice theater in town and I'm sure we'd find a movie we'll all like. Better yet, let's go to that free concert in Davis Park, there's probably a lot of our other friends there.”

Don turned and stared at Bill for a few seconds, then said, “You're sure, Bill? You want to to the movie in town or the concert?”

“Of course, Don, there's no reason to haul these young ladies all over creation. How about you, girls, what would you prefer, a movie, a concert, or something else?” Bill had other things he could have suggested but his better judgment ruled that out.

The girls conferred for a while and then Kathy said, “Either one would be fine, but the concert would let Ronnie meet more people our age. Her family is probably going to move here in a little while, and that would give her a head start in our society.”

So, Don started the car and drove toward Davis Park. While on the way Ronnie turned to Bill and queried, “Can you tell me about the concert, Bill? We don't have anything like a free concert where I'm from.”

“Sure Ronnie, the city puts them on with help from the groups like the Moose lodge, The Masons, the VFW and some others. They hire a couple different local bands to give them a showcase and give the younger people someplace to congregate other than bars or wild house parties. They're getting very popular.”

“That sounds wonderful, I think I'd like living here if we move from home. Dad was laid off but received a good offer from a company here, they're working on the details to see if it'll happen.”

Bill turned more directly to her and agreed, “I think it would be very wonderful too, Ronnie. But don't get your hopes up about the music. Some of these bands really stink, but we get a great one every so often. Mostly it's a gathering of friends and acquaintances.”

They parked and got out, looked around to see a fairly large crowd already. One of the bands was all set up and was tuning. The three natives saw a lot of their friends and waved at them. Every young man within quite a distance, and some of the girls, were taking close notice of Kathy and Ronnie.

Bill, almost possessively, tucked Ronnie's arm in his as they ventured into the crowd. He introduced her to his friends as they met. When they met couples there was more than one measuring glance from the girl to her boyfriend when they ogled Ronnie. There was probably going to be a up-tick in the usual number of sore feet and skinned shins before the night was over.

They met Don and Kathy again and settled on one of the vacant tables just as the band started playing.

Because the Park's neighbors had complained after the first concert, the volume wasn't anywhere near what you would expect from a young people's concert. You could actually converse, although in a louder voice.

There were only a few couples on the concrete slab used for dancing as this was definitely not one of the great bands. Bill stood and asked, “Can I get anyone anything, a hot dog or hamburger? No? There's an ice cream vendor over there, would you like some of that or a lemonade?”

They all placed an order and Don reached into his pocket only to be stopped, “No, Don, this is on me, that's what friends are for,” and he went to fulfill their wants.

When he returned he found quite an assortment of young men clustered around Ronnie, introducing themselves and asking probing questions about her, where she was from, where was she staying and for how long, even her phone number. Ronnie, to no one's surprise, knew exactly how to handle them, and when Bill returned left no doubt in anyone's mind who she was with. To say that Bill felt at least six inches taller would not be an exaggeration.

After a short interlude a different band started playing. This was one of the very good, if not quite great bands in Bill's estimation and he asked Ronnie to dance. She accepted, and when they went to the floor, they both found out the other was quite adept at tripping the light fantastic. They danced a few numbers, went back to the table to rest for a while, and then back to the floor.

They were so good together they had gathered a small audience who cheered them on at some tricky moves. Among them were some of the rowdier element in town. There was one of them, obviously well into his cups, who started making rather lewd remarks about Ronnie. Bill, with a jerk of his head to Ronnie, suggested they leave the floor. She nodded and started away, only to be grabbed by the rather dirty drunk.

“Come on, honey, let's you and me show them some real moves,” he said as he hugged her and tried to kiss her.

Bill tried to get between them only to find he was in the rowdy's powerful grip. He was at least four or five inches taller and much broader than Bill with a huge gut and bad breath. He swore at Bill and was about to slap him when he got a strained look on his face and letting go of Bill, grabbed his groin and with a groan, sunk to the ground.

Ronnie grabbed Bill's arm and tugged, “We're leaving, Bill, let's go!” They collected Don and Kathy as they rushed to the car and left.

In the car Bill wondered, “Why do you suppose that jerk let me go and fell over like that? I thought I was in for it.”

Kathy turned to the back seat and asked, “Did you ever ask Ronnie what kind of work she does, Bill?”

“Uh, no, I haven't really had time to ask her much, especially after I saw how she handled that bunch around the table, I didn't want to appear nosy.”

“Well,” Kathy asked Ronnie, “Are you going to tell him or should I?”

“You had to bring it up, you might as well,” Ronnie answered in a quiet voice.

“Your little dance partner back there didn't learn all those moves in the dance studio, she learned some in a martial arts dojo, she's a martial arts instructor. At my last count she has a black belt in three different ones, but maybe has more now, so I would advise you not to get fresh with her. And Don, she's taught me some too, so be careful where your hands wander.”

Don laughed and said, “OK, now that you've scared the crap out of us poor defenseless little boys, what do you want to do, go somewhere and wrestle?”

In her saccharine voice she answered, “Why no, Donny, it doesn't mean that at all, it might mean we could go someplace and cuddle, but it doesn't mean that either so get that look off your face.”

Bill asked Ronnie, “I guess that means I wasn't needed to try to rescue you, was it?”

“Oh Bill, that was so sweet of you to try, you gave me a chance to get away. No, it doesn't mean that at all, I was in trouble. A larger strong man will take a smaller weak person almost every time. Martial arts is not a magic wand that you just wave and everything turns out alright, it just gives you an edge that you wouldn't have otherwise. Thank you,” and she stroked his cheek.

Bill was glad it was dark so no one could see he was blushing, and asked, “It's still early, would anyone like to stop and get a drink or some food?” The ever present hunger gene in young men was making its appearance.

Don spoke up, “Let's go to Mario's, we can get either one there, and it's a nice place, and not too dark.” as he gave Bill an evil-eye in the rear view mirror. With everyone's concurrence, they ended up in a cozy corner booth in Mario's.

“Bill, you know some about me, what about you? You haven't told me much at all. Are you trying to be a mystery man to peak my interest?” Ronnie asked.

Bill reddened a little and said, “Not hardly, there's not much to be interested in. I'm just your average guy, trying to get along. I work construction and hope to open my own company in the future, but right now things are slow.”

Ronnie slid a little closer and cooed, “I think there's a lot I'd be interested in, for example, how easy it is to make you blush. Are you really that innocent? I think I like that in a man.”

That statement immediately made Bill a good stand-in for a stop light, and earned him a good laugh from Don and Kathy, which only increased his hue.

After some learning more about each other, and other stimulating conversation, and a light repast, the girls announced they should be getting home.

After dropping them off, and both the young men getting very satisfying good night kisses, they got in the car and just looked at one another for a while, until Don said, “That didn't turn out too bad for you, did it, I didn't see you offer her any dog kibble or a bone.”

“Alright, don't rub it in, the bone I would have offered wasn't that kind anyway. She's a nice lady and I wouldn't have done that, though it did sort of cross my mind. That lass is hot with a capital sizzle. At least I have another date tomorrow night and I'm holding you to your promise to help me get my car running good tomorrow.”

“Gee, I don't know, Bill, I might be busy with a friend of mine that doesn't shoot down my asking for help every time I do.”

“Okay, Don, think about helping him while you're walking on crutches. I could ask Ronnie to help make up your mind.”

Don grinned and gave in, “What time do you want to do it, tomorrow's Saturday so the shop won't be busy, we could start early. I think it's going to take a while to get that heap running enough to get to wherever you're going to take her. I'm taking Kathy out too and I don't want any company. Tell me where you're going so I don't go there.”

Bill put a serious look on his face and said, “Well, I thought a nice quiet motel would be a good start,” but at the look on Don's face relented, laughing, “I'm just kidding, I thought I'd take her dancing, there's a nice place on Dover street that I've been to, it's very high class, like Ronnie.”

“My god, Bill do you consider everything through your pants zipper, when did you get to be such a horn dog?”

“Uh huh, was that someone else I saw peering down Kathy's cleavage every ten seconds, don't you know every one of us noticed?”

Don pondered that a moment and answered, “Built like she is, she probably don't even notice it anymore. Did Ronnie say anything?”

“No, I expect she's pretty use to it too.” They made arrangements for the next day before Don dropped Bill off.

The next morning Bill pulled up to the shop in his sputtering, back firing car. It was about a twelve year old model but looked like it had just left the showroom. He had bought it from an elderly couple who had garage kept it and used it sparingly. They had sold it cheap because they were afraid it was going to blow up. It ran terrible, they had apparently never heard of a tuneup.

They worked diligently, changed the spark plugs, plug wires, oil, checked all the other fluids, did a full tuneup and whatever else they could think of until it started to sound more like automobile than a hammer mill. They finished in plenty of time to get cleaned up and eat before they picked up the girls.

When Bill rang the bell he was surprised that Ronnie answered the door. There wasn't going to be the usual wait while “The girls will be down in a minute” business. Don had already left with Kathy, so after saying hello to the parents, they left too.

Ronnie was dressed for dancing with loose slacks and a short sleeved blouse with a sweater over her shoulders, none of which substantially hid her attributes. As they approached the car Ronnie exclaimed, “That's a beautiful old car, look at the shape it's in. How much work did you have to do to get it in this condition?”

Bill explained, “I washed it and waxed it, but you can't see the work we did on the engine. Yeah, I'm very proud of it.” There goes the theory about women not caring about cars.

As they were driving to the dance hall Ronnie excitedly said, “Every thing's set, my dad has the job and we're moving here. I have to go home and help them pack, though. Dad was off for a while and they can't afford a mover. As it is, he'll have to take two trips with a rented truck to move it all. Kathy's dad found a nice place where they can move right in. Isn't that exciting? We're moving this next weekend.”

“Uh, Ronnie, I hope I'm not being too forward. I have a big work truck and we're a little slow at work right now. Do you think your folks would mind if you and I drove there in my truck and I could bring the second load back in it? I'd like to get gas money, if it's possible, but you and I could be together more.” He was now quite red cheeked.

Ronnie squealed as she threw her arms around Bill's neck and shouted in his ear, “That's a wonderful offer, Bill, I'll call in the morning but I'm sure it'll be fine. You'll love my folks and they'll love you almost as much as I do. Oh, maybe I shouldn't have said that. Bill, you're blushing again,” and gave him a big wet sloppy kiss on his cheek.

The evening went beautifully, the band was great, The weather balmy, and the dance hall was decorated very attractively. They again drew an audience, and even some applause for their moves, as the patrons of a dance hall naturally appreciate good dancing.

The next few days were hectic for both Bill and Ronnie. Bill had to finish a few things on the job that he had been working on and Ronnie was rushing around arranging things for her parents. They didn't get to see one another but did have long phone conversations every night. They both wore their phone batteries to a frazzle.

Finally came Thursday, the day to leave as it would take most of the day to travel To Ronnie's parents home, a day or two to pack things and the trucks, and another day home to unpack. The trip there was uneventful and they finally parked in front of the house. They dismounted and stretched their stiff muscles, then proceeded up the walk to be met by Ronnie's mom at the door, shortly joined by her dad.

“Dad, Mom, I'd like you to meet Bill Whittaker who I've told you of. Bill, these are my parents, Curt and Amy Drake, about whom I've also told you." Handshakes were exchanged and Bill even received a small hug from Amy. Curt was a tall slim man with a full head of graying hair. Amy was also taller than most women with black hair showing a few gray strands and it could easily be seen where Ronnie had inherited her looks from. Amy was still gorgeous, with very few lines in her face.

Amy said, “You're just in time, we're about to eat.” Hugging Ronnie, she went on, “Oh, Veronica honey, it's so good to have you with us,” and turning to Bill, “Welcome to what's left of our home, we left a bed set up for you and anything you need, just ask, we're so grateful to you for doing this trip I don't know how to express it. Come, let's eat.”

Over the next few days Bill came to appreciate family life, at least this family. He got along with Curt like they had known each other for years as they worked together, breaking down the rest of the furniture and putting it in the trucks. Amy treating him as one of the family, maybe missing her own son, who was in the service overseas. Most everything else was boxed already except for the things they needed, such as some dishes and utensils.

Bill would be leaving first with his load. It was comprised of the things they'd need immediately on arriving. Curt and Amy would be packing the last minute things and following some hours later. Bill, with Ronnie, left early Sunday morning. On the way they discussed their plans for the future. They both realized that their future would be together somehow but had no specific plans.

Ronnie asked, “Do you know anything about martial arts in my new town home? Are there dojos there where I might find work? Or some other type of work if there aren't? I've been a waitress but didn't care for it too much, there are too many men who think you're part of the menu.”

Bill thought and replied, “I know there's dojos, I took a little karate when I was younger, but I don't really know much else. I'm sorry, hon, I can't tell you about work.” He grinned at her and said, “Maybe you could get a job as a bouncer in one of the biker bars, you handled one that I know of pretty well.”

“How would you like a little chop right now, smartass. Martial arts is not about beating people up, it's about mental discipline more than anything else, so you don't have to beat people up.

They got to town and found the address of the rental Kathy's dad had found and started unloading. One of the neighbor men even came over and helped and his wife brought juice and cookies. They were glad the place wasn't going to be vacant as it might draw vagrants. When they were done unloading what would be needed right away it was close to dusk. The rest could wait for the morrow.

They stood there looking at the house and Bill said, “That's a nice little place, it reminds me a lot of mine.”

“You have a house, Bill? You never told me that. Where is it? Where did you get a house? How big is it? Why didn't you tell me?”

“It would take less time to show you than answer all your questions. I don't want to leave the truck here overnight any way, so come on, I'll show you.” When they arrived at Bill's house he backed the truck into the driveway and they got out and walked around to the front and stood on the sidewalk while Ronnie looked around.

“Bill, It's beautiful with all the trees and flowers, and I love the brick, how big is it?”

"It's only about twelve hundred square feet, but it's so well laid out it seems bigger inside. There's a full basement and plenty of storage. It has three bedrooms and two full baths. My folks left it to me when they died in an accident. At first I rented it out but they didn't own it so they didn't take good care of it. When I started making better money I moved in and spent a couple years fixing it up. Now I love it and wouldn't move with a crane."

They went inside and Ronnie noticed it was much neater and cleaner than she would have expected from a bachelor living alone. There were piles of magazines and books almost everywhere but they were neatly stacked. The kitchen was spotless without one dirty dish. Even Bill's bed was made. Sloppily, but made.

“Seen enough? Let's take the car and go eat, I'm starving. Then I'll drop you off at Kathy's so you won't have to stay in that empty house.”

“Uh, Bill, can I ask you something? Oh, maybe I shouldn't. No, yes I should.”

“Which is it, Ronnie? It has to be one or the other, doesn't it?”

“Yes it does. Bill, why haven't you made a pass at me? You've had plenty of chances and I know where your eyes go when you think I'm not looking and I like that. I'm pretty sure you're not gay. Most guys would have been all over me by now. Here we are in your own home and you haven't even tried to kiss me. Is something wrong?”

Bill broke out in boisterous laughter, and when he calmed down a bit said, “I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at you. Honey, Ronnie, you don't know how hard it's been to keep my hands to myself. I've tried to be as good a gentleman as I know how because I think so much of you. You must know that I'm in love with you, don't you? I didn't want to be a barbarian like that biker dude and just grab. I love you too much for that.”

Tears came to Ronnie's eyes as she threw her arms around Bill's neck and sobbed, “Oh, Bill, I love you too, that was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.” And kissed him passionately.

They did go to dinner, but much later. After dinner they returned to Bill's home, now theirs.

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