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3 years ago

Youth Should Never Fade

Even though you may grow old still may you stay forever young

They signed up for dancing class at an arts center. Once a week. They volunteered for the tech crews at a theater. When time allowed.  They wrote poetry to read at open mic nights. Every so often. They hiked the pathways of the earth. In life's time. They...

3 years ago

Parlor Tricks

An old man ponders the past and what he learned there so long ago

Uncle Jeff called them bear berries. That hadn't sounded right to Terrance. Now, so many years later, he recalled that long ago moment and curiosity finally lead him to search online. It didn't take long to find a picture of them. They were salmon berries...

3 years ago

Young Dog Old Dog

Just an old dog.

As a young man, oh yes I remember. I was so full of vigor. I was fit tall and slender. Life before me seemed so much bigger.   As an old man, I sometimes live inside my past. I look back on that I dreamed. Time has slipped by far to fast. Life is more pre...

4 years ago

Before There Was We

There was you

Before there was we there was youAnd when you were young all was new.Do you think about that. I still do.Before there was we there was you.***Before there was we there was meAnd when I was young I was free.But I dreamed about you on my knee.Before there w...

6 years ago

Golden Gate Days

A day in the life living in San Francisco many years ago.

I wandered Golden Gate Park, On one of the most perfect days. The air was clear, With my mind in a haze. The park was almost empty. Few people walked, Kids played games. I stopped to listen, a young man talked. He bored me, so I continued on. I saw anothe...

7 years ago

Gone Fishing

I must be crazy getting up at this hour!

4:30 in the morning. Up BEFORE the crack of dawn. It's pitch black out. There isn't a sound. Up before the birds. I am half asleep. No, scratch that. I am more than half asleep. More like 3/4 asleep! Sweat-shirt, jeans...I stumble around the room, getting...

7 years ago

The Loss of Virginity

This I'll always remember...

I was just sitting there,  Thinking of all the things  I have not experienced,  Watching the sun drift through the sky lights  Of a short ceiling— As it laid  Stunningly bright rays  Across the golden glow of your skin,  While dancing across those deep, ...

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7 years ago


When Shasta found out that I wrote, she asked me to write something about her. I am honored...

Beautiful child Bright as the sun Mischievous rascal Looking for fun She comes to class bringing her attitude A false bravado that hides the real girl inside A mouthy young soul that keeps herself hidden Throwing up walls and burning bridges. If you are f...

8 years ago

Beer Goggles

A poem from the past reminds me that being a single 20-something sure was fun. (And not-so-fun.)

Yes, it sucks to sleep alone.Wouldn't we all like a warm body beside us?To cuddle, to kissthe affection we missCould I give it to youtonight?Oh, how I want toand if drunk I just might.But during this episode of sobrietyI'll pass.Next time you ask(if you a...

8 years ago

Lone Wolf

Time does finally seize us all.

An old alpha peers at a winter moon.For lady wolf, his heart does swoon. Longing for days when they pranced.Stalking like shadows they advanced. Their kits safely snuggled in the den. A time nearly lost, way back when. Now having to prowl the forest alone...

8 years ago

Too Late

Life's too short...

An intro to a story I am working on...  They buried me today. Everyone always told me that this was how it would end for me. I never believed that it would. I was more than just street-smart; I was smart. I was young and vibrant. Charmed and charming. Unt...

8 years ago

A Warrior Born Part Two

The elders sat and sang of the white lovers

A Warrior Born, Part Two as the young warrior grew into a man on the plains of Africa people in our times call his tribe the Maasai well know cattle herders and ferocious warriors on the full moon the elders sing and tell their history around the fire all...

8 years ago

Youth Theater

My experiences with Youth Theater. Part 1

In the Summer of 1990 and the beautiful lady producer from Dracula contacted me again. Her Summer youth theater program was presenting "Grease" for the second time and they needed a Teen Angel. The last time I took the vacant roll of Vince Fountain, the s...