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Time Steps

Time Steps

It has been a long, long night of waiting until my dreams come true, those dreams of you, my sweetest and bestest friend.

Now, as I stand in a doorway in the dark light of the sun, out near to that long winding road that leads to your door, and as I start the journey to you; I'll eat when hungry and drink when I'm dry and, live my life on the square. You seem to be lost, in this crazy landscape of emotion(s), which have been misshapen by those wild blue hearts, that pass through this landscape, as they change and distort all things in the wake of their passage.

From deep in the valley of concern my heart rises and reaches out to you, and, towards you, as it goes out to you. As it always has and always will do for you, and I have heard you asking me once or twice, why I always tell you I Love You Very Much, and my reply has always been because it's true as I never lie to you and never will. Nor have I ever been mad at you either, and, never have or never will.

You thanked me as I have you for loving you always, as this is no passing fancy as it gets so intense for it is real and so very true. After having received from you: Guidance, Inspiration, Elevation, and Revelation. As you knocked the cap off the well of words which were thought to be long thought dried up, or capped forever. Becoming my creative inspiration and a part of the spirit moving through me, and becoming my poetic muse.

Still as I lean in the doorway in this dark light of the sun, I slowly straighten up, placing my hand on my heart and swearing and promising to take a stand as I solemnly pledge all to you my bestest friend, as I "Cry Your Pardon." To be forgiven of all offenses including both real and imagined and to be standing always by and with you, as well as behind you to support you too. I know you also know this truth too; that I would stop a bullet for you, and, if need be to die for you.

Closing my eyes, I see your picture, with your un-forgettable fire having been seared painlessly into my mind, and capturing with your delightful laugh, pretty smile, so sexy and nice. With your smile being like the sunrise over the Rockies, or the sunset out at sea. Looking exactly as I have always envisioned you.

Lately, my life seems to be made up of quickly scrawled notes and quotes along with keywords, full of advice from scholars, fools and from sages. Yet, I find my thoughts always come back to you, and sending calls out to you with each breath I take, as I seem to continually inhale and exhale your name.

Watching as you dance, and how I love to see you dance in re-called scenes from the past and in those dreamscapes, I created for you my sweetest friend. All was created for you as both my partner in crime as well as my honoured guest. Hearing you sing too, as you make your joyful noise in my heart and soul and echoing in the chambers of my heart, as well as coursing through my mind and soul.

Breathing in the rare perfume that is your fragrance, of a truly intoxicating elixir along with the feeling that washes over me, that only you have the power to produce.

Though we both must remember both you and I are traveling upon the level of time, to that undiscovered country from whose bourne, no traveler returns. Closing our eyes as we answer Morpheus' call, and flow down the night dreaming. As we meet and come into each other’s dreams, as our entwined lives rise and dance with each other until dawn and watching you dance upon the break of day, as you turn and blow a kiss my way.

Loving you very much, and needing you too for we have become part of each other. And I will always be there for you for all time, Now and Forever.

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