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Tre Notte* (Three Nights)

Tre Notte* (Three Nights)

Sitting here in a leather chair in that great hall here those chandeliers of Venetian glass once burned illuminating all, and now it seems as though I am surrounded by a galaxy of candles. Set in the center of the hardwood floor as their light is reflected off those corroded mirrors, that are around the walls and were once flawless and cast back both light and reflection here in the great hall.

Now in the candle light all seems to be like an underwater shoal and now seeming to be apt for the driving sleet outside and the memories that come forth; this was the place where we met and danced at a formal ball and has since lost all it’s glory, as I look up and see the faint outline of those Venetian chandeliers that hang darkened there, and remember how all parted to let us be joined in the middle of this hardwood floor. They all parted as though our eyes burned all who stood in our way, and now leaning back and closing my eyes as my mind drifts back.

Un Notte,-

We stood there on the Western Edge of the trail, with the hard packed earth under our boots as we saw those plains stretch across the horizon, as the dark light of the sun slowly turns all into the colours of flame as it slowly sets in the east. The sky becomes sapphire coloured with streaks of gold as the stars come out turning from red to blue, which becomes our blanket with blue bonnets for us to lay our heads upon.

It was a magical moment with that cowgirl who took my hand that one night, and took me forth out upon those plains as we both Touched the Earth together, and feeling your warmth as we lay there watching those constellations wheel and turn overhead, and seeing those stars reflected in your eyes as I looked to take the measure there.

That was when we both needed to Touch the Earth together, and we both heard the call of that Western Edge of the trail as you took my hand, and lead me to that place I could feel it under my feet and break it’s clods in my hands, and took me forward as my conductor and fearing no evil while you were at my side. And now not knowing if you remember all that happened there? When it seemed as though time slowed down and stopped while we were there, as I wonder if all is like this once grand hall where we once met and faded like it has now? Or is it kept in memory and dusted off from time to time and looked at and replaced in its case? Or is it allowed to fade and corrode like these mirrors on the walls here where I sit?

That was one of the times when love was shown under the light of the stars, and now it seems as though it’s been raining stones and it is raining often, as we both seem to be tilling those stones of sorrow.

Du Notte,-

Seeing you there with me as that Peddler’s Moon illuminates all, out here near those tracks where the night trains run in the still of the night. And though we are in the deepest hole of the night and that of the new day, it is not stretching out like a long double edged blade, and the demons aren’t coming. Sitting close to the river and feeling it near in the summer night’s air, with both of us knowing that there seems to be a kind of magic at work as we stand here together.

Just like when I was shown a measure of trust and saw you become that rain girl on those black cliffs, and stood holding you close and looking you in the eyes as I asked you here if you’ll be mine forever, and having heard your intake of breath and your barely inaudible answer of yes as we both became misty-eyed.

Now though it seems as though some things have changed, and I have continued to keep the pledge to you that I made when we first met, I carry the moment when I asked that of you and touch upon that moment too like those highlands, that I carry deep within my heart and though at times it seems as though the paths seem overgrown, and still I know how to get to those places I carry in my heart whether that night or high in the timberline.

Wondering as I look down at the markings I carry on me from the sun’s dark light, if there is still wonder and laughter that we have both shared to be had by us both now? And having asked that you always carry me with you as you make this journey through this Vale of Tears, even though it might only be to that clearing that lies there at the end of the path.

As I look down and see those scars, I carry that the sun’s dark light wouldn’t or couldn’t heal, knowing too that all things were made or designed to be broken in some way or by time itself. With both of us having gone through forced aging with all that we have gone through, and not knowing what all would be encountered as I ask if you can recall this night and carry it with you? And if the flames of the seasons will still burn us if they touch us or consume us? Or will we push through all as we have done in the past?

Tre Notte,-

Sitting here in my usual chair in the corner, as the singer sat in that bright white spotlight as you stood in front wearing that white cotton dress, having me wondering from where I knew from as you stood and swayed to the words of the song that was long. And later finding you at my usual table wearing your winter coat against the drafts, as we sat discussing those nights we spent and the plans that lie pinned to the chart tables.

But nothing compares to being with you and never has been able to though they have tried, just like those jesters that reside there in that dark courtyard in the north when they are allowed out. And still I have been wondering if you still want me as the pillow for your head or the mattress for your bed? And though at times things seem to get intense and things at times don’t make sense, you have remained my ideal and the song that echoes in my heart and mind.

Having delivered to you that deep strength from within me, with you being the one I have searched for and probably the reason that we are meeting here now, and having shared some golden moments as we made this journey as it seems we tried to swim the ocean, and though we drifted I was always there to deliver both love and caring to you.

Though at times the story has been sad there was never cause for tears, and bot of us having seen things and at times didn’t know what to do, but I always was there for you. For there was an angel somewhere smiling down as we were guided and directed here and now, with moments of magic and brilliance shared along with laughter and tears.

For I had a moon shadow catch my eye and still have plans, though they might be pinned to the chart tables still but were never shelved. So I guess that I need to go out and kiss the rain for God is in the rain, and I might be able to get a message to you through the angels as you sleep.

Finding myself waking and stretching in he false light of the dawn, and having seemed to have gone on a vision quest as I sat here in this hall, as I find myself noticing that the candles have burned themselves out while I wandered through the night. And having traveled with you through it all searching for answers to questions, and finding one thing to be certain is I will stand by you from the end of your life until the end of mine.

As I hear the distant cathedral bells tolling, as I look up once again to those Venetian chandeliers now blackened by age,

And recall the look in your eyes and that smile of yours along with the dress you wore that night. And as I say a silent prayer for you and yours and ask that God watch over and guide you, as I now making my way out the door into the sun’s darkening light.

* Notte: Means Night in Italian (and think can be figured the numbering fairly easily).

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