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Powerful Love - Chapter Nine

"Things happen when you least expect them"

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Chapter Nine - Oasis

I grab the saddle clothes off the railing, put them in place on Marina’s back before proceeding to put the saddle on her. Once I have everything put on her properly and have checked that everything is secure, I put her bridle, reins and the bit on her. Once I have her fixed up, I lead her through the stables and up to the riding pavilion. When she is next to the blocks, I throw the reins over her head and climb in to the saddle. I slowly start taking her through a couple of slow circles around the practice dressage arena. I try to concentrate on my practice, but I can’t stop thinking about Nick. I think about how his arms feel around me. I’m just about to run through my complete routine, when I hear my phone ringing, I quickly get off Marina and lead her over to where my bag is hanging over the side of the arena. I quickly fish around in my bag to find my phone. Once I find it, I check who it is and quickly answer it.

“Hello, Dad,” I say into the phone.

“Where are you?” He asks me sounding worried.

“I’m at Juliet's farm practicing for the competition this weekend. I told you this morning that I was practicing today,” I tell him quickly. “Why?”

“I thought something happened when you didn’t message me to tell me,” He says careful not to sound upset. “You have the truck?”

“Yeah. It’s the only car I’m allowed to drive,” I tell him wondering why he would ask me that.

“Okay, well don’t forget to pack it when you get home and let Juliet know that we will pick Marina up tomorrow before we leave,” he tells me.

“I’ll make sure to do that. I should be home around six thirty. So I’ll see you then,” I say in the way of goodbye.

“I’ll see you then,” he says before hanging up.

I check my messages and see that I have a message from Minerva.

Where are you? Dad is upset Taylor showed up here.

I realize, when I get the message that I forgot to tell Minerva what happened with Taylor in the restaurant. I quickly dial her number and hope she picks up quickly.

“Hello,” She answers on the second ring.

“Minerva, is Taylor still there?” I ask in a concerned voice.

“Yeah, dad is talking to him,” She answers quickly noting the concern in my voice. “Why?”

“I don’t have to fully explain but he was at the restaurant when I went on my date with Nick and he harassed me. Nick tried to handle it himself but his brother stepped in and he had to get his dad to remove him from the restaurant and ban him. He wasn’t happy,” I tell her in a rush.

“Oh my god. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” she asks me sounding worried.

“I forgot about it,” I tell her honestly. “Can you put him on the phone, please?”

“Oasis, what are you going to do?” Minerva asks, as I hear her heading out of here room and down the stairs.

“Something I should have done on Wednesday,” I say simply.

I hear her talking to someone away from the phone and then the muffled noises of the phone being handed to someone else.

“Hello?” I hear Taylor say in a questioning tone.

“You better get the hell out of my house. Get the hell away from my family. Stay the hell away from me, my family, Nick and his family. I hear that you have been near any of them again and I will tell my father what you did. I will also call the police,” I tell him in clipped tones. “Do you understand me?”

“And what are you going to tell them?” Taylor says in a falsely sweet voice.

“The truth. Now get out of my house before I prove that I’m not joking,” I tell him with my voice bordering on yelling.

“Fine, I'll leave,” Taylor says.

I hear a commotion on the other end of the line.

“What did you say to him? He left in a huff,” Minerva says with a smile in her voice.

“I told him to leave all of us alone including Nick and his family or I would tell dad what happened and that I would call the police,” I tell her. “He must have realized that I wasn’t joking, which I’m not.”

“Well, I’ll let you get back to practice, don’t let this worry you,” Minerva says before hanging up.

I look up from my phone to check on Marina and see Juliet standing next to her giving her a pat. I quickly pull up my messages and write a message to Nick.

I need to talk to you, can we video chat later?

I hesitate a minute before pressing the send button. Once the message is sent, I put my phone back in my bag and walk over to Juliet.

“I thought I’d come and help you practice,” Juliet says with a smile.

“I could use your help,” I tell her calmly putting everything but riding out of my mind.

Written by nekala20
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