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We Danced

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"Don’t look back," she said, and both of us were victims of the night, and we were also it seemed to be each other’s form of physical kryptonite, and somehow, I knew we were bound to be together. She also said to keep your eyes on mine as we took the floor in the fading dark light of the setting sun. It felt like thunder and the sound of heavy guns in my chest when she looked at me, and in her eyes, I seemed to see the future. I kept my eyes on her as she twirled across the floor, as I wondered if this was my last chance while she reminded me not to hold back as the band began to play.

She could dance all night and shake the paint off the wall and move like a wave on the ocean, and it was a moment of chance we met, with all things changing quickly as I saw her smile at me from across the room. She wasn’t my old adolescent discotheque jukebox dream queen or a spiritual gypsy. Oh, no my friend you stand way above all that who stands way above all that and this all wasn’t planned but, instead of the way, things were meant to be. Feeling as if I am rising up out of the crowd to you and I know there is nothing I can do but hold on tight with there not being a whole lot to say out there on the floor.

Wondering if we should get closer as the room spun around us in this moment that wasn’t by chance, and taking me by the hand as the band returns from a break with the boys playing some rock and roll. There she is, seeming like she doesn’t have a care with me out on the middle of the floor as her favorite song is played, and the boys are rockin’ hard and steady. Out here in the serious moonlight as the stars change from gold to blue, as the Blues are playing into the night and colour lights up her face, as we sway together to an empty place. Feeling her in my arms trembling like a flower, and looking into each other’s eyes under the moonlight as it seems time and life meet.

Feeling the chill of the night and finding myself being comforted and hoping this moment never ends, and not be a memory faded as I breathe her in and hold my breath savoring the taste. This is my moment here in the center of the floor and knowing passion colours everything, this being a simple pleasure giving both of us joy with only the music being heard and the beat being felt deep within. Yet, I wonder if all of this is true or if it is a dream? But, then this is now as I close my eyes and I can see all as we continue out here on the floor wondering if this is a brand-new start? As she asked me for a solution to the confusion we both are feeling and hoping there is a promised land awaiting when the night finally ends.

She’s a blue-jeaned beauty queen, and the prettiest girl here, and has me wondering where we go from here, with a way that’s clear as the band continues to rock on. Making us feel like two rock and roll rebels as we continue to sway under the lights with the music playing into our lives that we will carry along with us till the day we die. This ain’t the way that this story ends and we ain’t stopping till the dark light of the new sun finally rises, as we continue to be like we are putting the pedal to the metal and being in a slice of time that will never die. Continuing on like drifting spirts entwining and still moving on swaying in the moonlight like a runaway train, and it feels like I am running down a dream that came to me and feeling like anything is possible.

Something good may be awaiting us both down the road, and I’m sure we both will pick up what is ours, and going wherever it leads.

Copyright: Timberwolf International LTD. April 2017 – 26



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