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Adventures Across the Starways - 3

Adventures Across the Starways - 3

a woman appeared, fire-red hair up in a crested wave, dressed in bits and pieces of trooper armour

Chapter 3.

by Kari and Khadaji

Sive could only watch dumbfounded as Jason left the portmasters. Fuming she went after him, practically skipping along side him she breathlessly added, “Look my friend, I didn't mean to offend you back there, I really do need this job, you saw those goons, they won't stop coming after me until I either pay up or they get their credits some other way.”

She shuddered as she finally realized that she was in way over her head now. Ricky and his hired thugs were capable of making her pay in ways she didn't want to think about. She needed this man's help to get off the planet, she looked up at him, “Please you have to help me you know what those men will do to me if they get their hands on me now.”

Sive suddenly stopped running along side Jason, wondering what she was going to do now. She couldn't go back to get her things, they would probably be waiting for her. She didn't have much, just a few changes of clothes, the important information was carried in her head. Still all this running these last five years had taken their toll. She sighed wishing she could find a safe place to park herself, even a short time, with people she could trust. Somewhere she could blend in, maybe even be happy for a little while. She sighed again looking lost and alone.

When she stopped trying to keep up, Jason stopped as well. "I already said you could come to the ship with me. But you need to realize who's in charge. You're not conning me. Not pulling a fast one. Not winning a spot with your charms. You screwed up. Your life may well be in danger. Your virtue, whatever little of that might be left, for sure is on the line. You need me not the other way around.”

"Now, if any of what that reader said is true, yes we could find a useful spot for you. But out in the black you need to be able to count on the people around you. A weak link can kill the entire crew. So stop trying to slick your way in with me. Come aboard, I'll have Zlanta check you out on some basic medical stuff. Pass that and you can be our first responder/general dog's body. Complain once and we'll leave you at the next planet. Clear?" Again, without bothering with eye contact he strode off the last several meters to the spaceport entrance.

Sive watched as the Captain strode the last several meters and entered the spaceport. With a big grin on her face she dashed after him. “Thank you, you won't regret taking me on, I promise you won't find a better first responder then me.”

She continued walking beside Jason, looking at him again she felt her body start to relax, it had been a harrowing few hours, one she didn't want to go through again. In fact it had been a harrowing eight months, trying to get it together to get off this awful planet. As they passed the repair hanger Sive pointed out her little ship, “There is The Swift, I know she looks in pretty bad shape, but I intend get her up and running again one day.” Just as they were coming up to the Angel Sive repeated, “You won't regret taking me on, and don't worry I'm not a complainer. Oh, and one more thing, I “Do” know your in charge Captain.” With that she gave him the first honest smile since he laid eyes on her.

Jason grunted non-committed way. "You might be better off giving that ship up for now. Use it to pay off your debts and get free of this place with no one from here hounding you. Just a thought, though." He continued moving, up to the ship (the noseart was an angel with a tilted halo that looked dingy, somehow) indeed named “ Tainted Angel” . Once inside the ship he led Sive to the common area where he toggled the intercom.

"Zlanta, I need you down in the common for some testing, if you're free." The voice on the other end confirmed she (he?) was and soon enough a woman appeared, fire-red hair up in a crested wave, dressed in bits and pieces of trooper armour that had all seen better days. "Zlanta, this is Sive. Assuming that's her real name, of course. She's slicker'n owl shit, but claims she knows enough medical treatment to be our patch-it person. That would free you up for more time on the engines. If what she says is true. I'd suggested training vid 4 and a run through our infirmary. Oh, and don't let her steal any of the supplies. If she complains about your treatment I'll strip search her when you're done."

Jason headed forward, presumably toward the bridge. The crest of red hair pivoted to point at Sive and Zlanta said, "Well, best tell me naow if you can pass the EMT course. If you can't we best call him back. He's right tetchy 'baout stuff like that. If yer legit, he'll be willin' ta work with ya, but ah tell ya, chile. He ain't been this riled since we got cheated outta a bunch o' credits by someone he served with back in the War. What'd ya do, piss on 'im?" Zlanta shook her head, the hairstyle above her suggesting a tsunami about to break free and wreak havoc. As she talked Zlanta worked on a tablet, then slid it over to Sive. "There's tha test. Take it right here and ah'll score it for yah. Ya sure ya kin pass it, girlie?"

Sive looked at Jason when he talked about getting rid of the Swift, there was no way she could be without her ship. She never knew when she would have to make a quick get away. But she commented, “I just might do that.” Once in the common area, her eyes took in all the details as Jason...“so very politely” introduced Sive to Zlanta.

When Jason left, Sive glanced up at the red head, grinning lopsidedly, “He is one hard boiled dude isn't he? As for the EMT course, I can pass it.” Taking the tablet, she didn't even bother to sit down, in record time, she had it filled out and slid it back to Zlanta. The prospect of getting off the planet soon, caused Sive to forget her usual precautions. She should have at least pretended to sweat a little over the test before handing it back. It just felt so good to be getting into some kind of medical field again, she couldn't help but chuckle.

Still smiling to herself Sive noticed Zlanta frowning over the tablet. Her heart skipped a beat, “Is there something wrong Zlanta?” Sive realized she should have made at least a few mistakes to make it look like she was just an average medic. To try and cover herself she hastily added, “In my spare time I like to keep up on the latest medical reports. Anyways, I really don't know what I could have done to piss off your Captain, he is kind of crusty on the outside isn't he?” She hoped that comment would distract from the issue of her having sailed through the test so easily.

Zlanta looked up from the tablet. "Latest medical reports....on this here piece of the beyond? Chile, y'all are tryin' way too hard. Ya evah tole someone tha truth, an' nothin' but? 'Round here that's tha best way ta get in good with the Captain. He's no plastah saint, but he's a man ah his word. Likes thangs simple-like. Naow. Y'all are more than qualified fer an EMT position. With this here score y'all should be in ah school Corewahrd ta be a doctah." She pocketed the tablet, her hairdo bobbing. She disappears for a few minutes, and Sive could hear voices from the forward part of the ship. Soon enough the tread of boots sounded on the decking, and Jason came back into the common room. He leaned up against the door frame, studying her.

"Zlanta showed me the scores on that test. Now, I might think you cheated, but that's not likely. Not with Zlanta in the room the whole time. You might have memorized the test, but that would be nearly as impressive as the idea you really are that knowledgeable." He unfolds his body from the door frame and finally moves to sit across from her.

"Please do me a favour. Tell me about yourself. Keep the sales pitch to a minimum. I'm already curious bordering on impressed. Why would someone who can ace that kind of test in that kind of time be working out here in the black? You should be Core-bound for med school. The fact that you run a con as easily as you breathe suggests a few things. Whatdya say?"

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