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The Lance Saga Exordium - Origins of the End

"The dawn of Lance, a super augmented soldier with nearly unlimited power who plans to end all life with no conscience or remorse!"

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Author's Notes

"Fixed a few grammar and spelling errors."

He wasn't born, he had no parents, no family. He was created. Created by the Centuri Delegates, a secret organization at the heart of the Deag23 government, one of the major rulers in this part of the known Universe. They used technology far beyond what many would even consider possible. He was created for one reason, to fight against the Connexxion in a vicious war that had raged for decades. Deag23, nearing defeat, needed a single augmented super soldier. One that could withstand any attack, and be victorious, once and for all. But there was more at stake than anyone could have ever imagined. It was very, very distant into the future, so far, that time was no longer used in any sense that could be comprehended. Life simply existed in various forms. Some mortal, some immortal. It made no difference.

There was no God. Organized religion had been abolished, even outlawed in some Deag23 systems, many centuries ago, when the true nature of the Universe, and reality itself, had been unraveled by incomprehensible technology. Ancient theories were replaced by radical new ones, and then these were actually proven using particle accelerators powered by networked Dyson sphere megastructures.

The Connexion, the other ruling body in the Sefrally System, wanted to return to the ways of the old. Commanded by a former Deag23 Captain, Drake Narco, who had gone rogue after being biomechnio enhanced to the point where synthetic could not be distinguished from organic, and then entering utter madness, they fought against the atheistic society of Deag23 and its supreme leader, Aurelia Cyberius. She was evil, delighted in the suffering of others, and was a formidable, and quite mysterious opponent.

The Delegates were dabbling with powers of a God, and under the direct influence of Aurelia, using quantum field theory, they were able to directly manipulate physical reality, time, and life itself, even down to the sub Planck scale. This was of course the domain of super strings, whose oscillations and vibrations create elementary particles, which in turn help define what we perceive of as three dimensional solidity. But their doings were even more fundamental than that. There was another sub level. Something deeper which, when employed using super symmetry, could create, for all intents and purposes, a true immortal with unmatched abilities, a being able to absorb and transform matter and energy on many levels.

Before the final act of creation, their soldier was given weapons and technology to aid him in his killing activities. Deag23, being primarily an arms dealer, were able to provide items no one else could, and they certainly held nothing back.

The moment of ultimate creation had arrived. The Delegates harnessed the ancient power of an ultra massive black hole, aged over one million years, and swollen with the compressed mass of innumerable worlds, star systems, and perhaps even entire galaxies. This celestial body was bound by gravity from a binary star system, the Gemini Nexus, a maelstrom of incredible power. The black hole itself literally bubbled with potent gamma ray energy along its event horizon and had been gathering such cosmic strength for millennia.

To complete his transformation and awaken the full spectrum of his latent capabilities, to achieve true immortality, he was escorted to the vicinity of the black hole by the Delegates, a council of thirteen, under the veil of an arcane ceremony.

Positioned within the gravitational embrace of the cosmic titan and the binary twin stars, they deployed a supercharged singularity quantum relativistic energy harvester. The one of a kind device, only usable a single time, was then ingrained with the soldier's neural architecture, binding to his spinal column and cerebral cortex. It interfaced with all his tissues, organs, eyes, blood, every part of him was connected to this immense energy potential. It facilitated a direct conduit for the black hole's boundless power, its singularity core, and the radiant energies of the twin stars to be siphoned into him. Once the process completed, these celestial bodies, drained of their essence, simply ceased to be, leaving just empty space with minor spacetime curvature.

However, even after this careful, and secret deed, all was not as it seems, and evil intentions were just under the surface from a foe no one could have foreseen; Aurelia herself had laced the energy stream with a vile, hideous concoction. This sinister agent bore within it a quantum disruption plague, which upon activation, at the moment of his immorality, was designed to mutate its host into a relentless harbinger of destruction, devoid of empathy or moral compass.

It took mere seconds to take hold of his consciousness, and he awoke for the first time, alive, but it completely broke him, utterly annihilating any existing loyalty he may have possessed to any soul, and drove him over the edge and into total insanity. His psychosis was now uncontrollable, and his newfound bloodlust for causing pain exploded like a 1000 megaton hydrogen bomb.

Any emotion he may have had was wiped away at once, any feeling of even the slightest remorse, or caring of any kind, was gone. From this moment forward, he was an ultimate sadist, an ultra evil killer of anyone that stands in his way, and he simply could not be stopped.

The foolish Delegates, not entirely aware of what had transpired, became fearful as Aurelia revealed herself and her unspeakable action. She informed the small group that it was time for her creation to begin a true reign of unimaginable horror the likes of which were beyond all boundaries, all taboos. No line will remain uncrossed from this moment on. Everyone was a victim now.

His first act, in a fit of pure rage, was the total destruction of the Delegates, the Deag23 government, and the Connexion. This deed was a bloody, murderous attack that was unrivaled in all history. He killed tens of millions, wiped out entire planets, and left behind mere remnants of any prior civilization.

Only Aurelia and Drake Nacro survived the onslaught, and may have aligned themselves, both also sharing a bloodlust and mass insanity.

The merciless, psychotic sexual sadist, ultra super soldier, would become known as Lance, the Death Stalker. This is his saga.

Written by Drac
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