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Psycho killer Stories

psycho killer

The Lance Saga Exordium - Origins of the End

The dawn of Lance, a super augmented soldier with nearly unlimited power who plans to end all life with no conscience or remorse!

He wasn't born, he had no parents, no family. He was created. Created by the Centuri Delegates, a secret organization at the heart of the Deag23 government, one of the major rulers in this part of the known Universe. They used technology far beyond what m...

Parapsycho - Introduction

In order to be your ideal self, one must have his surroundings act accordingly.

Upon the shy of a beach lay an ideal camping space — a break between the bushes that offers flat grass land, firweood, and the opening to an untouched beach. Three travellers have pitched their tent. It is late, early hours of the morning so to speak and...