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Darling, Kiss Me

"Through my mind my life is flowing"

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This poem may be sung using the music of "La Complainte du Partisan" ("The Partisan"), a song about the French Resistance in World War II. The song was written in 1943 in London by Emmanuel d'Astier de la Vigerie (lyrics) and Anna Marly (music). It has been covered by numerous people, including the version by Leonard Cohen. My poem uses the music to create the flow of the words.


Kiss me, dear,
Until the morrow,
All I ask is that you hold me
And recall that you're my harbinger of lust.

For my life
Has been so barren,
Like a desert, it was barren,
Sanctuaries found so rarely, far between.

You are now
My one oasis,
Sharing nourishment and succor,
Liquid pearls have left your loins to slake my thirst.

Now my life,
My life is flowing, 
Through my mind my life is flowing,
In insistence cherished treasured times will come.

It was long
Ago it happened,
So naive and filled with promise,
Finding pleasure, I caressed my nubile self.

Oh, so young
And, oh, so virgin
It was all a new horizon
Never knowing just how vast desire should be.

Lightning bolts,
Delightful touches,
My response to passion's lessons,
Was resplendence of perceptions deep inside.


With my first
I knew the best time
And I'd search another lifetime
But my body could not find the carnal joy.

Now I'm old,
I'm so much older,
Having missed a real ebullience
That had lost itself within me long ago.

Until now,
My dear magician,
Until now when you are with me
Sending tremors, temblors shaking up my core.


Just like the first time,
My entire body feels you.
Make your tongue and fingers fill my least desire.

I have found
A new beginning,
Sensuality that soothes me,
With redemption of past loss, profound regrets.

Thus, my love
Will press each button.
Force anew an efflorescence 
From this body that's now blooming well and true.


With your arms
You must enfold me,
Play your devilish arts to thrill me.
Lover, float and swoop and carry me along.

Darling, rage,
Create my being.
Make me wholly ardor's virgin.
Kiss me now and hold me close til dawn arrives.

Lover, gem,
My life is flowing,
Through my mind my life is flowing
As the pleasure of my body is well shared.





Written by Survivor
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