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My Nightmare Has Just Begun

"A song I wrote mimicking the lyrical style of Carach Angren"
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Published 5 years ago
Silent fog rolls in from the south
Holding hangs to navigate
This long-forgotten world
A testament to the dead

The couple walks past the tombstones
Treading carefully to avoid
Suffocation, possession
Attack from a vengeful spirit

Hands break grasp
When a crow swoops down
Man and woman run separate ways
The fog isolates them

Thirteen minutes pass
And a phantom bell sounds
Ringing thru the night
The source is unknown

Man and woman follow the sound
And find themselves
In each other’s grasp again
Unharmed, so it seemed

Despite his warm touch
She cannot help but shiver
Everything is cold now
Everything is dead now

He takes her home and lays her down
Paranoia takes her mind
Thrashing and muttering in her sleep
A voice calls to her from places unknown

You must take his life tonight
Take it with a knife
Your lover must die
His time be rectified

And she rose from her sleep
Awake and full of purpose
A blade of darkest auras
Already manifested in hand
She creeps along the hallway

Voices echoing
He must tonight
He must die by knife

She finds her lover
Standing in front of the window
Peering out into the world

Her arms are poised to strike
One downward motion
And the deed will be done

You must take his life tonight
Take it with a knife
Your lover must die
His time be rectified

Suddenly a crow is sitting
Ticking on the glass
Her trance is interrupted
And her voice rings out

The body of her dear lover
Cut up and beyond repair
A broken smile upon his face
And a ring in his hand

Phantom voice of her would-be husband
Screeched from dark corners
You were to be mine
Not take action so malign
Look at what you’ve done
My nightmare’s just begun

Overcome with grief
She flings herself from the window
And time seems to slow
She cannot believe her eyes

As they meet the gaze of her lover
Unharmed and untouched
Flowers in hand, shock on his face
Standing in the driveway

She tries to scream, but only makes a thud
And the crow watches from afar…

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