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katemantis13 4 years ago

L'important c'est la Rose...

Waiting for a love that will come one day.

It’s been an eternity since he was sitting on the bench in the pouring rain. It’s been an eternity since the skies have forgotten how the blue might have looked. It’s been an eternity since Heaven and Earth had been washed together by the ashen grey di...

adi_me 5 years ago

Come Back To Me

Another silly love song

When you are tiredOr just feeling emptyWhen you've had enoughCome back to me.When the disco's overAnd your eyes can seeYou are all aloneCome back to me.When nothing makes senseAnd the world becomes mean

What If

Listening to What If by EmilieAutumn...the 1st song I ever listened to by her,introduced by a friend

What if I hadn't made it through 8th grade What if I hadn't joined Harry Potter club What if I hadn't taken German What if I hadn't sat next to you? What if we hadn't spoken What if we hadn't had anything in common What if we h...

CKAcres 6 years ago


Observing a friend at sun up.

My little friend so nice to see.Awaiting the sun tiny Towhee. Feathers fluffed into a ball.On a branch he sounds his call. Catlike mews make his presence known.Flitting from branch to the ground alone. Foraging...

Pirate 6 years ago

Feeling The Music

A fum song to sing when up or down

Feeling The Music By Pirate60 Inspired By Mzhyper I hear a boom, boom, boom As the music fills the room It starts a beat, beat, beat That travels into my feet For the music is the magic, and magic is the beat It’s i...

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The Song

From dA...

I'm listening to it now, the thing that brings you to mind, every time. The one I listen to constantly, because I can't do without, because I need it like... ...addicts need their drug ...alcoholics need their drink...

saki1995 7 years ago

black maze

always compare to others and never enough for that person

I was never good enough for you. Always was a disappointment to you. I can see it on your face. You would never understand me. Now I stand here on the edge of confusion. What are you going to do now? Every moment was a twist an...

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facsuper 8 years ago

Song of Love

As they rest in each other's arms and become one

Song of Love I was daydreaming about songs Just where do they come from? Experiencing what we’d had together the sadness, desires, our joy, and our love. Songs that we hear in nature The wind softly blowing...

Since you went away the world is standing still.Since you went away my life has lost its thrill. Since you went away the road is one long hill.Since you went away,Since you went away,Since you went away. Since you went away my...