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Table for two

"I wrote this 2 years back, hope you will enjoy it"
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Table for two


Rise of the fallen
Sleeping off dreams that were stolen
Santa late for work,
Santa down and snoring.
Everybody needs a break sometimes,
A reality check sometimes. 
But the reality checks keep bouncing…..
So I’m swallowing wrong pills
Hoping this shit heals
Sometimes two wrongs can make a right,
Like two thongs can make my night.
So I sit here wondering if I’m able 
To pull the prettiest 10 in Tennessee
And have her come over for a few shots of Hennessy.
She drinks slow and talks fast
Thoughts grow of how to make this last
She talks about her past, what France was like
I’m staring at her bust, wondering what a squeeze would feel like
Part-time stripper, part-time bookkeeper
Once was an heir to a famous custard
Till stepdad blew away her trust fund
Two abortions later and one bastard
She finds herself quickly searching for a husband
Now little girl grown forgot about her fears
I taste a little salt in her tears
as I grab lemon and a bottle of tequila 
If this doesn’t cheer her, then I don’t know what will
She slips a hand into my pocket and asks which pill.
A little bit of sugar, a little bit of spice
A little bit of ‘X’ makes everything nice.

I grab her by her hips we start to dance
I kiss her on her lips; she puts me in a trance
She moves so fast; she loses her balance
She leaves my bathroom; there goes my girl from France.
I sit and wait.
Contemplating what to do next
Thinking of a one-night stand, wondering if I can, or I’m able
My conscience splits into two, like Cain and Abel
She and I are not so different; we are just the same.
Rise of the fallen, we shall rise again.
Deep in my thoughts, 10 minutes pass
Waitress brings the bill, card or cash?
No wallet, no pills, no keys or cash.
Dammit, where’s my girl from France?


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