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Vampire Justice Part 07

"Sean gets moved away from the pub. Steve awakens. Eran and Kevin need to get away."
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Published 7 years ago
Molly felt it was time to do something with Sean. The police watched her pub and it was only a matter of time before they closed in on her and her fey friends. Molly decided to move Sean, but needed help from her fey friends. The construction day was over and many of the fey were in the pub. She went in search of Carlo. He was the most reliable of the fey and completely devoted to her.

She saw Carlo standing near the entrance to the pub talking to a couple of new patrons. Carlo had a short ale in his hand and the others had the customary pints. Molly signaled him to join her. Carlo excused himself and made his way to Molly.

"I have three tasks for you tonight. I want you to dress Sean and get him ready for transport to my estate outside the city. I want you to get a group of fey to help you take Sean out of here without raising suspicion. I want you to transport him and the fey to my estate and wait for me there."

"Yes, Molly," Carlo replied. "I will do as you ask." As he spoke, Carlo thought about Sean. He was a prime specimen of a man who liked both men and women sexually. He remembered how Sean was when in the cell. Sean looked at Carlo with lust in his eyes. Now Carlo would satisfy Sean's lust and his own. Molly would never know.

Carlo left Molly and gathered seven fey friends together. He told them of Molly's plan and her need for them. They stood ready to help their mistress. Carlo told them to stay in the pub, but be ready when he came back. He got one of the fey to bring the pub's SUV around to the back entrance. Carlo hung out at the bar near the back entrance until the SUV was there.

Carlo whistled in anticipation as the elevator rose to Molly's living quarters. He walked into the special room where Sean lay shackled in bed. Carlo slowly walked to the bed and removed the silk sheet that covered Sean's nakedness. A sharp intake of breath came from Carlo as his eyes beheld the man. His desire to possess Sean flooded his mind. Now was his chance. He knew Sean wanted him. All he had to do was release the shackles and Sean was his for a little while.

Carlo removed the shackles that held the strong legs and he caressed where the shackles had held him. His hands wandered up the man's legs caressing the taut muscles as they went. Sean moaned as he felt the other man's hands. He was still groggy from the drugs but reacted to the touch. Carlo continued with his hands up the body to undo the wrists and freed Sean.

Sean moved his arms down and hugged Carlo to him. The men kissed and Sean moaned and rolled on his side. Carlo got off the bed and removed his clothes. He re-joined Sean on the bed and held him close as they kissed more. Sean mumbled, "Thank you, thank you, I knew you would come to release me." Carlo continued to kiss him and his hands caressed all over Sean's body. Carlo's needs took over and soon the men were in a loving embrace, each man satisfying his needs.

When it was over Carlo got dressed, helped Sean out of the bed and dressed him. They embraced again and Carlo led him from the room to the elevator. When they arrived at the pub floor, Carlo and Sean waited until the fey returned. Carlo gathered the fey and they surrounded Sean. They went to the SUV and got in with Sean sitting in the middle of the group. Slowly they moved out of the alley and drove out of the city.

The group on stake out behind the pub saw the group of fey leave. They decided to follow the SUV. "Kevin, we are going to follow a mysterious SUV that pulled away from behind the pub. It may be nothing, but it may lead to another hiding place," the stake out lead radioed.

"Be careful and don't get spotted. Smart move. I will get the people in front of the pub to split up and cover both doors. Let me know what you see and where they stop."

Carlo never saw the car following them from the pub. He drove quickly to the estate north of the city. He entered the compound and drove around to the rear of the main house. Molly opened the garage for the SUV to enter. Once inside the fey exited the car and assisted Sean. Molly walked to greet Sean and took him to another special room.

Once inside the special room, she stripped Sean and put him in bed. She did not confine him to the bed, but took his clothes. The estate was far enough outside the city that traffic was not an issue. Sean could walk for miles if he escaped. No one ever came out to the estate. It was ideal for the succubus and her fey to celebrate and conduct her needed feedings in private. The staff that worked at the estate was all fey and loyal to Molly. Once she finished, she left the estate to return to the pub.

The stake out crew that followed Carlo drove past the turn-off for the estate. They followed the road until it came to a big farm in the foothills. They turned around and headed back to the other road where Carlo went. They stopped at the road, but decided to call Kevin for instructions.

"We followed the SUV until it turned off on a narrow road north of the city. It looked like there was only one estate on the road. We followed the main road until it dead-ended at a big farm. We can't stay here exposed. What should we do?"

"You have a GPS beacon in the car with you. Take it and put it high up in a tree. We will be able to monitor it from here. Later on we will put a camera with it and monitor the traffic on both roads." Kevin told them.

"We will plant the GPS beacon and head back to the pub. Everything quiet here."

Kevin walked to where Eran sat with her computer at the table. He sat with her and asked her to locate the GPS beacon. She found it easily and set up a task to monitor it. As she did that task, she brought up Google maps and made a note of the street names. She flipped the map display to the large screen TV and moved it around. She saw the estate with the walls around the front but only forest to the rear. She scanned the area beyond the estate moving toward the foothills.

As she scanned, Gwen watched with great interest. The road to the farm came into view and she gasped. After she saw the road, she joined Eran and Kevin at the table. The big farm came into view and Gwen knew where they looked. It was the farm where she spent the night, running with the pack. She wanted to say something, but felt it was better to stay silent. The farm looked quiet and deserted as they scanned. Eran made a note to find out the owners.

Eran had heard Gwen gasp, but decided not to say anything to her. She knew Gwen recognized the farm. She wondered if that was where the pack met and ran. If it was, she could track the area using the software she had now. It might also aid in the search for the mysterious unicorn. Eran would talk to Gwen later when no one was around to hear.

Eran removed the area from her screen and disconnected the big TV. As she saved the data, her phone rang. It was the university hospital. Steve was awake but had no memory of the past two days. Eran thanked the caller and hung up. She spoke softly to Kevin, as she stood and walked to Maria. She shook Maria to wake her up and give her the news.

Maria jumped up and grabbed her things to go to the hospital. Eran stopped her. Gwen came over and stood with Eran. "Let's all go to the hospital and talk to Steve. While we are there, Kevin can visit the university security headquarters. They have video of the man who dumped Kevin. Maybe we can identify him and make a connection to the pub or Molly. The three women and Kevin got into an SUV and drove to the university hospital. On the ride, Maria shook nervous about seeing Steve in a bed with tubes attached and weak. He was her rock. She must be strong for both of them.

Visiting hours were over, but Eran used her badge to get in to visit with Steve. Maria ran to the bed and hugged Steve to her. Tears rolled down her face, but this time they were tears of happiness. She had him back, her rock, her strength, her man. Steve greeted Eran and looked at Gwen, until Eran introduced her. Steve's eyes lit up in recognition of Gwen. He remembered her from when she helped Maria and him move.

Eran tried to ask him about his missing time. He could not remember anything from the day he left until he woke up. He remembered going to work in the morning, but it was as if his mind had blanked out the rest. The doctor told them, he might remember bits and pieces over time. Total memory of the time was not hopeful. Eran went with the doctor to get more information of what they found.

Kevin went to the university security offices. They had video of Steve as Carlo dropped him off. Steve slumped under a tree sitting with his back against the trunk as if asleep. As Carlo turned to leave, the camera caught his full face. Kevin asked for a copy of the recording. Within fifteen minutes, he had a copy of the recording. He left the offices and went back to the hospital.

When he entered Steve's room, Maria introduced him. Steve was glad to meet him. He felt comforted by the fact there was another man there. The three women were too much, even if he knew them. He felt overwhelmed by their presence. He did not understand that feeling, but it had something to do with his memory loss. Something about a group of women, made him uneasy.

Kevin noticed Steve's reticence, but kept quiet. It would be something for a later conversation with fewer people present. He walked to Eran and gave her the recording from the university police. She took it and put it in her briefcase. They sat together and watched Maria and Gwen as they fawned over Steve. Kevin took her hand and looked in her eyes. There was a longing there he never saw before.

Eran wished that she and Kevin could be alone. She missed his closeness and wanted to feel him kiss her as Maria kissed Steve. It had been weeks since they spent time together not working. They used to spend time in Connie's sleep chamber being together in bed. They worked every day close to each other but had to restrain their ardor. Now she wanted him to sweep her away.

After an hour, the nurses came in and respectfully asked everyone to leave. Steve needed his rest after his ordeal. Reluctantly Maria got up and joined the rest of the group. Tears welled in her eyes as she walked down the hall away from Steve. She wanted to stay by his side and comfort him.

The ride back to headquarters was quiet, everyone lost in their own world. Maria thought about Steve. Gwen thought about the farm and its closeness to the estate. Eran thought about Kevin and wanted to be with him. Kevin had several thoughts in his mind, the search for Steve's captor, what was on Steve's mind with women, Eran and he needed some alone time.

When they arrived in the warehouse, Eran set to work isolating the best frame of Carlo to search for his identity. When she had it saved, she took the DVD marked it as evidence and bagged it for storage. She scanned local databases and came up empty. She scanned FBI and New York City databases. Both came up empty and Eran turned to Kevin for any ideas. He reasoned, if the person were a fey and he came into this country, his picture would be in the immigrant database.

Eran started the search. She was not sure, when Molly entered the country, so she searched the past five years. That would take a long time but it was all they had. Eran informed Kevin and Slade about the failures and her last search that she started. They did not expect instant results. Detective work was a lot of data gathering, which took time.

Leona walked to Slade and grabbed his hand. She pulled him up from his work area and hugged him. As her lips brushed his ear, she whispered, "Can we go get some tea and coffee?" Slade nodded and took her to his car. They went to the Cafe Rendezvous, their favorite place. The hostess remembered them and escorted them to their usual table. The cafe had not changed in years. There were tables scattered throughout what looked to be a living room and connected dining room. Lace table linen covered the tables with other lace throws scattered about the rooms. It was a very feminine place to visit, not what Slade would have chosen.

The hostess brought their usual, tea for Leona, black coffee for Slade and a plate of tea cookies to share. Slade looked at Leona and saw a quizzical expression on her face. "What is on your mind?"

"I want to be more like Maria, Gwen and Eran and feel like they do about life and love. Do you think that is possible? They look so happy and having fun just talking."

"Leona, I love you just the way you are. You have traits that they never will have. If you became girly as they are, you would spend more time with them and not me. Plus, you have a very important position with the Vampire Justice System. They could never do that. The one thing you also have is that we love each other."

Leona smiled, while a small tear appeared at the corner of her eye. Slade noticed it and dabbed it away. She grabbed his hand and kissed it. She kept his hand and pulled him to her for a long loving kiss. He moved his arm around her and held her close. Leona rested her head on him and felt her love grow a little more. He felt her love and returned it to her as they sat looking at each other and not caring about where they were.

Molly drove back to the estate and carefully parked behind the building. She walked into the house and saw the fey sitting around the table playing cards. She searched for Carlo, but he was not there. The fey looked at her and fawned for her attention. She spread some of her aura to the fey and they felt better and wanted to be with her.

She walked through the house looking for Carlo. He was not on the lower level. She started up the stairs, but a noise from the kitchen made her stop. The fey playing cards started to fight. Their voices spread through the house and chairs fell as a fight broke out among the players. Molly went back into the kitchen and broke up the fight quickly. She had the players pick up the kitchen and behave.

By the time the fey picked up the kitchen, Carlo appeared at the door. Molly saw him and smiled. She sensed where he was and the ruckus in the kitchen alerted him to her presence. He hurried down to the kitchen to escape her wrath again. She walked to him and had him follow her.

They went into a formal dining room where they sat at a large table. "Where were you just now? You should have been with the others in the kitchen."

"I was tending to Sean. He is out of the drugged state and wanted some attention."

"Is that all you did?" Molly sat there and looked at Carlo. He looked back reflecting hubris at her. She knew he had been in bed with Sean. She could smell it from him.

"I quieted him down. He got violent about being drugged and not knowing where he was."

Molly sat there listening to his explanation smiling incredulously. She knew he lied to her. She wanted to punish him, but she could only suspect at this point. She wanted to catch him in the act. Then her wrath would be severe and swift. So swift and severe that Carlo might not survive.

Carlo saw her smile and knew he was safe for now. He knew she suspected he and Sean had been in bed together but could not prove it. He mentally vowed to be more careful in the future. He did not want punishment so severe that it cost him his life. Sean was not worth sacrificing his life. Maybe the games should stop. Carlo thought for a minute, but decided the risk was worth the reward. He wanted Sean again.

Molly saw the thoughts furrow across Carlo's head. She knew she had him. Sean was too tempting to resist not being with right now. Molly sensed that. She wanted him too, but Carlo wore him down and she did not want a weakened partner. Somehow, she had to stop Carlo and build Sean back up. She hatched an idea that would catch Carlo in the act.

One feature of a succubus was that they could become invisible. Molly thought if she were invisible, she could watch Carlo and catch him with Sean. It was too soon to try it. She would have to wait a couple of days and try to catch him then.

"I am going upstairs to visit with Sean. You go in the kitchen and keep your friends in line. I don't want any more fighting. Do you understand? I trust you to keep things going while I am not here."

Carlo looked at her with a weak smile. He felt he won this little skirmish. No punishment tonight for him, he beat her. He might be able to sneak upstairs later after she left. He could not leave Sean alone. He wanted to stay with him and might try to steal him away from her. "I will make sure my friends behave and keep the noise down. You have a good time with Sean. I will be here if you need anything."

Molly left the room and felt she lost that skirmish, but the battle was yet to come. She would win the battle. What was a suitable punishment for the loser? She would figure that out when she won. For now, she needed to feed a little. All this movement and tension took away some of her strength.

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