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Human Stories


Who am I?

My never ending search for humanity

The pain helps, sometimes. It tells me the truth, the fragile claim that I'm still human. The thought that I, this bag of meat and bones, am still important, that I'm someone. Rage and the burning fire of hate, keep my fading flame live. The love and the...

We Will Be Gods

A detailed description of man's reduced state after a non traditional apocalypse.

It was a strange creature, the size of a cat, with an extremely stocky build. Its face was so flat that it was nearly concave. Its eyes looked in all different directions, marbles spinning in sockets too big, and its thick wavy black fur stuck out in rand...

Vampire Justice Part 13

Molly relives her past. Carlo gets arrested. Sean and Steve are rescued.

A VJS security officer walked up to Slade with a sheat of papers in his hand. Slade took the papers and examined them. He shook his head and dismissed the officer. The papers were duplicate copies of the warrants filed to examine all of Molly's properties...

Vampire Justice Part 12

Carlo kills a brother. Connie and Leona deliver a message. Molly takes Steve back.

The weather in mid-October was cold and crisp. The moon was at its smallest. The streets were especially dark, as Connie and Leona scavenged for a new victim. A cloud of fog hung over the city from the rising mist of the day. A mist of fog hugged the grou...

Vampire Justice Part 11

Steve changes and scares Maria. Molly kills again. Eran scores with financial data.

Shock registered on her face, as Eran slowly closed her phone. Slade noticed that look and went to her side. "What is wrong? Is Maria all right? What is going on? Eran ... Eran please talk to me!" Eran turned to him and pleaded, "We need to go to Maria's...

Vampire Justice Part 10

Molly gets to punish Carlo. Eran tracks Molly in the country. Steve experiences changes.

Sebastian re-entered the cell with the door unlocked. Molly watched; as he changed back to the big man, everyone loved. They smiled at each other and blew a kiss. Molly walked out of the area and returned to the pub. Carlo noticed Molly's return and saw h...

Vampire Justice Part 09

Steve adds more information to the case with Leona's help. Molly gets a surprise.

Leona sat on Steve's bed. "Look directly in my eyes and keep focused there. I want you to open your mind and answer the questions I ask." As she spoke, her voice carried a wave that opened Steve's mind and brought his memory to ultimate sharpness. Steve's...

Vampire Justice Part 08

Molly catches Carlo acting badly. Eran wonders about Kevin. The search continues for Carlo.

Eran sat quietly as the faces flew past on her screen. It seemed that the search was hopeless with so many people arriving in the country to visit, stay permanently or hide away from somewhere else. It proceeded quickly, but seemed so discouraging. Who kn...

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Vampire Justice Part 07

Sean gets moved away from the pub. Steve awakens. Eran and Kevin need to get away.

Molly felt it was time to do something with Sean. The police watched her pub and it was only a matter of time before they closed in on her and her fey friends. Molly decided to move Sean, but needed help from her fey friends. The construction day was over...

Vampire Justice Part 06

Molly's pub is searched. Steve is found. Gwen returns to talk to Eran.

Carlo watched Steve pass out from the Rohypnol laced beer. When he no longer moved, Carlo dressed him in his work clothes. Carlo wanted to do more, but did not want to incur Molly's wrath again. It took two days to recover from her last punishment. When S...

Vampire Justice Part 05

Steve's truck is found. Leona and Slade visit Molly's pub.

Gwen went home, but remembered that she had some of Eran's clothes to return. She thought about going there, but hesitated. She needed to clean up and get some sleep, before she would face them again. She took a shower, put on some underwear and went to b...

Vampire Justice Part 04

Molly finds another victim. Eran counsels Maria. Gwen runs with the pack.

As Molly strutted down the hall toward the cell holding Sean and the couch beyond where Carlo lounged, she transmogrified from the red haired, desirable Irish woman to the being she really was. Her hair turned black as coal. Small horns poked through her...

Vampire Justice Part 03

Gwen leaves, Connie breaks down and Molly sees something she does not like.

Gwen woke and felt really wasted. She lay in bed not moving, trying to remember what happened. The last thing she remembered, was talking to the older vampire, Andrei. Vampires, oh how she hated them. She had to get out of there fast. She thought, "Am I a...