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Vampire Justice Part 08

"Molly catches Carlo acting badly. Eran wonders about Kevin. The search continues for Carlo."
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Published 7 years ago
Eran sat quietly as the faces flew past on her screen. It seemed that the search was hopeless with so many people arriving in the country to visit, stay permanently or hide away from somewhere else. It proceeded quickly, but seemed so discouraging. Who knew so many people came into the United States through New York. Boredom set in and Eran pushed her laptop away and leaned back in her chair.

As she watched faces fly by, her thoughts focused on Kevin. Do they have a future together? Can she get away with him even for a weekend to know his desires? Will Kevin be the one she truly wants? Her boredom turned to desire. She daydreamed of Kevin and her together.

Kevin walked up behind Eran and wrapped his arms around her. He put his head down next to hers and nibbled on her ear. Eran shook with the tingles that nibbling brought in her. As he moved toward her cheek, she twisted and met his lips with hers full on. They kissed softly, but soon a fierceness arose in this encounter.

"What are you doing? I am trying to get work done here." Eran asked as she punched his stomach.

Kevin replied bending over from her punch. "It can be done without you watching the faces. I want some time with you."

They stood and moved to the empty couch. They fell on the couch with arms wrapped around each other. Their lips explored each other's faces, as they entwined. Flames of desire welled up and they knew where they were, was not a good place. No one was there, but it could get crowded at any moment.

They stopped kissing. She happily walked over to put the laptop in background mode with the screen locked. They ran hand in hand to Connie's sleep chamber. They closed the door and ran to the bed. They stood beside the bed and quickly removed each other's clothes.

"We need to clean up. It was a long day and we ran around to get things done." She urgently mumbled.

As they stood holding hands, Eran dragged him toward the shower. They needed to clean off the sweat and dirt of the day. Eran loved to shower with Kevin. He was so loving and gentle as he washed her. His hands were soft and she wanted to feel them touching her. She loved washing him too.

With their shower done, Kevin carried Eran to the huge bed. He gently put her down, while he climbed in beside her. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed more. The kisses were not enough. They let their hands and lips wander. They fell into the wonder of each other's body.

When they finished, they lay in each other's arms. Each looked deeply in the other's eyes smiling with bliss and happiness. Eran knew what she wanted for her future and it happened. Kevin was with her and he would stay with her for a long time. They fell asleep together with looks of pleasure and contentment on their faces.

Gwen and Maria returned to the warehouse, after going out for a few drinks. They laughed, as they entered almost falling through the door. Maria poured herself into a chair at the table. A loud long sigh of relief came out of her mouth. Gwen looked at her and laughed. "Do you want some tea?"

Maria nodded and slurred, "Yeah gotta keep hydrated."

Gwen went to the kitchen to make a pot of tea. After filling the teapot, she hung over the counter having difficulty standing. When the tea was ready, she poured two mugs and meandered in a drunken walk to the table. She put the mugs down and poured herself into a chair. She passed one mug to Maria and drank a big gulp from hers. They finished their tea and rather than go home, they lowered their heads on their arms and fell asleep.

Slade and Leona returned shortly after Maria and Gwen fell asleep. They quietly entered the warehouse and left the car. They knew Kevin and Eran were there. Seeing Gwen and Maria surprised them.

"What can we do about that Gwen dog? I don't like her or her kind. Do we really need her?" Leona almost screamed it vehemently.

They went to Leona's sleep chamber, but Slade had an uneasy feeling. He had not seen Connie since she awoke at dusk. She was very quiet and stayed in the background. She was at the warehouse when the girls and Kevin went to see Steve. She left shortly after, but was not back yet.

He looked at Leona questioning, "Do you know where Connie went tonight?"

"I thought she went to see Gustaf and Andrei. She wanted to know more about being a vampire. She also wanted more information on what a succubus was and how to capture or kill one. Fey were also on her mind."

"I guess she will stay there for her daytime sleep then. I wish she would let us know about these adventures."

"You can always call Gustaf and check in with him. That will make her feel better and show you still care. I know she wants you to care about her. It is all right to call. I love you and she does too."

Slade called Gustaf. He said Connie was there and she would return at dusk the next day. Knowing she was safe made Slade feel better. He returned to Leona's side and escorted her to her sleep chamber.

Dawn rapidly approached. Leona quickly changed and climbed into her coffin after kissing Slade gently. Slade removed his clothes and climbed into the big bed. He quickly fell asleep and dreamed about living with Leona before she became a vampire.

His dream quickly vanished, when the sound of the roll up door rang through the warehouse. Slade jumped up put on his clothes and ran into the warehouse.

A construction crew moved into the space and set up equipment to add the changes to the site. Slade knew that construction would start soon, but did not expect it done with no notice. He moved the cars and trucks out to the back of the warehouse near the loading dock. A small crane drove in and set up where the cars parked. It raised some steel beams, which when welded in place formed the second floor. The construction moved fast and the skeleton sprung up.

Slade went to the kitchen and made a big urn of coffee for the workers. He baked some fresh rolls for them too. Gwen and Maria woke from all the noise and looked around. They grabbed their stuff bid goodbye to Slade and left. Slade sat and watched the construction proceed. The men moved fast and stopped only to load more materials.

By noon, all the steelwork covered the whole warehouse. Slade looked at the steel skeleton and marveled at the work. They used some of the original steel to bolt and weld the new second level. He wondered how long the rest of the work would take. So far, it had not disturbed the squad, but that might soon change. When he looked at it, it covered the whole warehouse. It was actually three times the size of his old squad room and would be more modern.

Slade went back to bed after cleaning up the excess coffee and saving the rolls for later. He looked at Eran's computer, as it still searched for Carlo's identification. Faces still flashed on the screen, but none closely matched Carlo. He shook his head because he did not understand any of this new technology. He knew when he stole Eran from the morgue he made a great choice. She brought a wealth of technical skill with computers. Moreover, she was good at thinking outside the box. She made a great detective.

As the preternatural police squad slept, Molly slept completely satisfied with her latest feeding. Sean was a great choice. In spite of what Carlo did with Sean, she was able to satisfy her need to feed. As she slept, she dreamed of her life in Ireland before selling her soul. She wished sometimes she could have stayed a mortal, but being immortal was still a good trip.

Carlo and the fey sat in the kitchen. They were quiet and talked softly among themselves. Suddenly, Carlo jumped up and started yelling at the rest of the fey. He rambled, as if just to make a lot of noise, so much noise that it would wake Molly. Carlo threw a chair against the wall. He stomped about the kitchen ranting. The other fey stared at him with great surprise. They thought. What was he doing? This will wake Molly and get them all punished. How can we stop him?

Molly jumped out of bed when the chair hit the wall. She shifted into her human form wearing a filmy nightgown. She turned invisible and went down stairs to watch. The fey could not see her and she watched as Carlo performed. She wanted to enter the room and smack Carlo, but held back. She fumed at his display of "anger." She knew it was a show to get her downstairs.

Carlo continued, but kept watching the door to the kitchen. Molly never appeared. He ran out of things to do and say. He slowed his rant, stood against the wall and slid down to the floor. He sat there with his head hanging low. He failed and now he had to clean up and explain.

Molly walked down the hall and up a few stairs. She turned visible and continued back to the kitchen. She saw the mess and the confused fey. She looked for Carlo and found him. He looked up horrified. She knew that he had staged this act. She also knew why. She wondered if he knew that she watched almost his whole act.

Carlo slowly slid up the wall while he looked at the floor. Molly curled her finger at him and left the room. Carlo followed slowly head hanging. They went to the dining room and sat on the settee. When Carlo sat, Molly slapped him across the face hard. Anger spread from her face throughout her body.

"What were you hoping to do with that demonstration?"

He shook his head, as he rubbed his face. "I don't know why I did it. I was frustrated and tired. I needed some sleep."

"No one told you to stay up and not sleep. You need to go to bed. I locked Sean's room and have the only key. Good night or good morning." Molly left Carlo quickly and went to Sean.

Carlo sat in shock. He turned on the settee and promptly fell asleep. The fey in the kitchen picked up the debris. They spread throughout the lower floor and slept where they stopped. The whole house was quiet.

Gwen could not get her motorcycle out, when the construction began. She joined Maria and rode with her to her condominium. There was a second bedroom there for visitors. Gwen slowly walked to the spare bedroom and Maria followed. Gwen flopped on the bed and fell asleep immediately. Maria sat on the bed next to Gwen. She lay down asleep next to her. She thought of Steve but sleep invaded her clouded mind.

The day waned as early evening came. Connie, Gustaf and Andrei rose from their vampire sleep. After getting a blood meal and cleaning up, they sat in Gustaf's office. They sat around his desk and looked at the plans of the new squad room area. Connie liked its size and shape. It was private from the living area. She could not wait for its completion.

"Do you think the quick construction bothered anyone today? We did not have time to warn them," Andrei softly asked.

Connie thought for a moment, "Slade would wake up with the noise, but the others sleep soundly. I am surprised he did not call here to raise alarm."

Gustaf pondered his response, "I am sure there are a lot more pressing things on his mind. He has a succubus to find. That can be hard work. Leona has experience with them, but I am not sure she can find and hold one for jail."

"They should be up soon. We can call them, fill them in on the construction schedule and provide alternate living space for them. The construction will only take a few days to put the space up and soundproof it. Once that is done they can move back." Connie offered.

As soon as they stopped talking, the phone rang. Gustaf picked it up and quickly spoke to the person. A scowl came to his face and he hung up the phone quickly.

"We have a problem, Andrei. The lair of the succubus has been discovered," he spoke in Romani. "Is there any way to hide our ownership of that estate?"

Andrei lowered his head as he spoke, "I thought we had a dummy company setup to hide our involvement. I will push the lawyers on it to make sure."

"We better be protected. In the last case, we exposed ourselves too much. I want to keep out of this completely."

Gustaf got up from behind his desk. Connie stood and walked with him out to the Magistrate's courtroom. She learned a lot about Vampire Justice as she watched Gustaf sit at the bench. It was different from human justice. There was no appeal process and the people before him knew it. Very rarely did Gustaf hand down a death sentence. When he did, the guilty person never said a word, but took the sentence and walked proudly from the courtroom.

If any of the cases involved crimes against humans, human court tried the cases first. If a guilty plea came down against the perpetrator, Vampire Justice Court delivered the sentence. This made things easier, but the harshness of the sentence was more severe. Connie sat in an area reserved for police. She looked at each guilty person and speculated what the punishment would be. It became a game to her. She was good at it too.

Eran stretched as she woke and poked Kevin. He shook and turned to look at her as she sat stretching. A smile crossed her lips as she bent and kissed him. "It is time to get up sleepy head." She got out of bed and put on her work clothes. Kevin stood and dressed in a clean uniform. They entered the work area together and stopped.

Eran stood still as the smell of welded steel drifted downward to her. She looked up to see the newly added skeletal structure. She smiled and moved to her computer. The search still proceeded with no hits. She opened up the screen and keyboard and checked the statistics. Only half the entries passed through the search. She put it in the background and brought up a property ownership and transaction search about the two pieces of property they saw the night before.

After the search started, Eran made a pot of boiling water for tea and started a pot of coffee for Kevin and Slade. Kevin came over after talking to his supervisor about the construction and checking in for his shift. He hugged Eran and took a mug of coffee. When he sat at the table, Slade and Leona joined him. Eran brought the teapot, a mug of coffee and two empty teacups. Leona poured two cups of tea, giving one to Eran.

Eran looked at Slade, "When did this start and how long will it be going on?"

Shaking his head Slade replied, "It started this morning and finished just after noon. The rest of the work will continue tomorrow and we get to have new quarters at the Vampire Justice hall until it is complete."

Leona added, "The changes to our accommodations will be done first followed by the addition of the second floor squad room."

"With the addition of more computers and staff, we will need a full time computer support person. Do you think Maria would be a good candidate? She knows all of us and we work well together." Eran wondered aloud.

"We can hire her as a consultant to help set up the internet and computer infrastructure. Then make her an offer to hire on with us. Maybe Gwen will like to work here as an intern?"

With the last, Leona dropped her empty teacup and it broke as she scowled. Leona looked at Slade with disgust. She got up from the table and stomped from the area. Slade stood and quickly followed her. "What is wrong Leona?"

"I don't want that dog working here with us. I don't like or trust her"

"You will get your say along with the rest of us, as to who we hire. This is a tightly knit group and we do not want any internal problems. Now let's go. I want to go visit Steve with you and see if you can get more out of him using your powers."

Leona grabbed her coat, turned and went to Slade to kiss his cheek. She knew he was correct and always calmed her down. Slade grabbed his jacket and they left the room together and joined the group at the table.

"Leona and I are going to the hospital to interview Steve. I will record everything, so Eran can transcribe it later for the record. You stay here and monitor whatever is going on the computer. It should be a quiet night."

Eran looked up and saluted Slade with a smile. He waved her off, but smiled back. Leona and Slade left through the loading dock area to the cars. They drove to the hospital and found Steve sitting up in bed eating green Jell-O. Slade scowled and Steve laughed.

"Has anyone been in to question you today?"

"Nah, it has been pretty quiet. I still can't remember much. I do remember a few guys talking about a pub named "Fog on the Heath" near where we worked. I went there after work and watched some guys throw darts. That is where my memory ends."

"Can Leona work with you to try and get more information? She has a talent for bringing forth deeply forgotten memories."

"Sure, I will do anything to help find the people who did this to me."

"First though, take a look at this picture. Do you recognize this guy?" Slade showed him a picture of Carlo.

"No, but he was at the pub when I entered. He was on the door."

"OK. That is good. Let's let Leona take over."

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